Look who is on Hot Version: American Togue 2!

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Our very own Betrayed!! Congrats on being on Hot Version! And we can't wait to see you in the next one with your hardcore wide body NA. ;) =D> =D> =D>

Still, Tsuchiya's comments were quite funny. :D


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Ahahaha, I didn't know that the guy was on the boards. I love that part. I've got my fingers crossed that they'll pick my RX this year.
videos??? Did Tsuchiya really say that? Yikes!
videos??? Did Tsuchiya really say that? Yikes!
ouch :) :shock: #-o

That guy could find something wrong with most every car ever... modified or stock. I wouldn't take it as a bad thing... just something to learn from! ;)
Im dying to him to drive my car so he can have the **** scared out of himself. I have never seen him drive a 300hp miata on any of his vids before. Flyin Miata should put him in the track dog
Whats the specs on the red miata?
im pretty sure it was stock engine with pro race 15x7s on it.

now its got a widebody, turbo and 17s
:lol: Ouch.
does anyone know what sup with his Shifter?

that has been the biggest myth since I watched AT2.


thanks in advance
Brought to you by HOT WHEELS, aww damnit, now i am forced to buy it! #-o

Hot Wheels, Race Queens, JDM Drivers, and a Miata in the video too!!! Betrayed is famous!!! You gooo boyeeee!!!!!!!!

Some talented folks on this board should make a video like that from MATG with some cool background music, and have some Miatas drifting, or just touring, with closeups on some hot tuned cars!!!! You could make some good money on ebay!! heck i would buy one!

here is a link to the trailer, my copy is on the way, stinking Ebay, hahahaha
I always wanted to make a top gear sort of show but for miatas. Even with a Richard Hammond introducing a film like "... This is wha tthe fuss is all about. The new Pit Crew Miata in British Racing Green." :p

Where is Betrayed lately? Busy working on finishing his car? :D
I've had the video for a few months now and I watch it almost everyday. hahaha. I acually got the chance to go the day they filmed it so you can see me a bunch of times in the video. :D

Oh yeah, there was another miata there that got pretty good reviews and I was always curious to know the specs of his car...........does anybody know who he is? It was red w/hardtop, racing beat nose, moss low pro headlights and I think it had bronze wheels. I think I saw a picture and he used to have 16 inch enkei Nt03 M's.....anyone know who I'm talkin about?
Someone PLEASE eduicmate me here and tell me what I am missing - what is the story behind the DVD and what is the deal with Betrayed? Maybe I missed the original history behind this guy (automatic miata?)
He was saying nearly every car that day was underpowered :roll: Dang drifter

Not to mention his off track excursions a couple of times when he did try to drift

Here's the only pic I could dig up of both the miatas togeather
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mikes miata is tight now... i really think hes going all crazy with it now just so he can take it to american touge 3 and make tsuchiya repent, and i hope he does!!!
Will he be running a shift knob this time?
it had a shift knob at the meet a while back.

he needs more boost though, i think its only running like 6 psi right now.
OK, the deal with the american touge, from myself. Back then the car was set up for STS2, and had only intake, header, exaust, vs the ITB, cams, pistons, ext.....that mr drift king is use to. ALSO, I found out later my woodruff key had shattered and the only thing keeping crank to cam timing anywhere NEAR where it had to be was the torque on the crank bolt. That motors since been replaced. Lastly, when you watch the dvd.....he is trying to drift it....lets think set up for autocross, with coilovers, big front sway, no rear sway.....and a vlsd....will it drift?! NEVER!!!!

And the shift knob thing? I dont know. Only thing I can come up with is at the time I had an east coast miata shifter(since been changed) and it was short! He probibly said shifter, and they did a not so good translation. What he said on the dvd and what they translated to me were two VERY diffrent things.

Oh, and btw....he will take back his words next turbos workin now.....
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