Looky looky what I saw....

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And it's not the first! I've seen two others within 4 miles of me, which is nuts I think..... but this is the first white/blue I've seen.

(stupid hoodie!!)

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I was actually a lil disapointed when I opend this. :cry:
I think that lady is laughing at you!! hehehehe
Saw one just like that around here.

Talked to the local dealer and he mentioned the GT500s are getting 20k over sticker!!


Seems like they could have added a little more to the exterior.

Some of the dressed up GTs look better!
Yeah, it looks like a big fat overpriced white mustang.

Its got a big what, I would rather have less weight and more balance, perfect for sliding around the twisties.

And you would think with that kinda price they would have put some wheels that didnt look so small...or fix the giant gap between the fenders.....just my two cents.
I agree with all comments, lol. And for the record, the lady was laughing/smiling, and I saw her say to her husband "she's taking pictures!"

People have too much $ IMHO
i agree that some of the nicely done gt's look better.

a bit off subject but i couldnt help but notice that you are in ohio driving with your top down, bare tree's all around. burrrrr.

i feel embarassed to admit that ive almost completely stopped dropping my top now that it started getting down into the mid/high 50's over here.
I saw a red one last weekend and a black one on Friday. It was exciting seeing it for the 1st time in person. The GT500 is an awesome car. After only reading about it in magazines the anticipation was immense and it seemed as though they'd never arrive. I told my friend that I was surprised to see it and he said there's got to be someone out there who wants it bad enough to pay $20k over MSRP.
The saleen is by far the best version of the new mustang..

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^Thread hijack FTW!!,lol.
The saleen is by far the best version of the new mustang..

Dont forget to put taste on your christmas list. :?
Dont forget to put taste on your christmas list. :?
does that burn sting? :mrgreen:

I think the Saleen is too ricey, like it's trying too hard to be cool, and the GT500 doesn't look like it should. you could definitely tell with the old ones, but this one just looks like a GT with a shelby badge. it should be lower, have better wheels, and a tasteful body kit to help distinguish it from the regular-production model.

it's kinda like if Mitsubishi just decided to put an evo badge and a vented hood on a little lancer.
Looks like all they did was take a GT and added "500" in vinyl lettering to the side.

Not Impressed. Even with the numbers it puts out, the numbers you have to deal with on the front side are ridiculous.

Where's my Superbird?
lmao this is awesome, especially the hijack. thats the first time a thread i started has ever been hijacked hahaha and yes, it's cold out. not as cold as 2 weeks ago when it was like 27* and i went out and reached the end of my street and thought, eh its not that cold. by the time i realized 'holy **** its cold!' i was too far to turn around and get gloves/hat!!!!
Your pictures are telling the wrong story here! here's how it should have gone down...

SO, I came up on one of those new mustang shelby whatnots at a stoplight yesterday.

Of course being a typical mustang driver he threw some revs at me, and it was on.

Since my car weighs about half of what his does, and packs a decent wallop, I had no problem leaving him in my dust.

Before long he was little more than a spec in the rearview.

Of course I didn't have any time to gloat, cause right about then I got smoked by a couple of punks on crotchrockets.

at least, that's how I would have told it. :D
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