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Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I've been on any car forums because I got burned out on them, but this seems to be a good mix of people so why not give er a whirl. I'm currently on Miata number 3. Started with black 2002 some 4 years ago which was my first autocrosser. Bone stock but learned a lot. Sold it off and couldn't resist coming back, so I bought a black 1997 that already had racing beat springs, tokico shocks, hard dog roll bar. I slapped on some EBC greenies, Azenis tires, painted my wheels neon green and had a blast for 2 seasons. Then an opportunity i couldn't miss came up and I found my current 1999 in Knoxville, Tennessee sitting there with 48,000 miles, one knocking engine, and only wanting $3200. One junkyard motor later with cash from selling the 97 and I have quite a nice one in waiting. Missed last years autocross session, but this year I'm getting ready. Got some Tein S-Tech springs and 15x8 6UL wheels in black on order. Tires to be named later. Ready to get into some more serious racing. And start re-building the bad motor better, faster, stronger. Pretty set on some sort of IRTB setup. Hope to make some new friends and get some great advice from here. Thanks for having me.
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