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I have a Luggage Rack that came from an NC that I cut to fit an NA. The legs were originally about 2 inches to wide so I had to shorten them. The fitment is pretty spot on, the only thing you would need is another small rubber pad. When I got it, it was missing one of the bolts, I found one in my garage and put it on with some nuts so it wouldnt start backing out. Im not in a rush to get rid of it so my price is pretty firm at 140 but feel free to throw me an offer, and that is shipped within the continental 48. It has a bunch of stickers on it right now that I will be taking off soon so you wont have to worry about them.

I've gotten some PM's from people lowballing me like crazy. It's a surco luggage rack and they go for 215+ brand new, this one obviously had to be made to fit but it fits great and it looks good so I think my price is fair. My price is OBO but please don't lowball me.

Link to the same rack I have:

Feel free to PM me or text me at 8053639575


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