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Good Morning Gentlemen and Ladies,
My names Robert. I've been a memeber of CR for sometime now, but have never post a "New Members Thread". Now is a better time than any. And hey, just before the new year. Though I rarely post my opinions on any topics here I truly injoy reading everyones insight and posts.
Alittle about myself.

Im 30
I work as a project assistant at a law firm and a film editor
I like cookies
I put on a kick ass rock show in the shower
I live on the westside of LA
I like to draw
I play catch with my cat
I always try to grow a beard but it comes out patchy. and I swear next time it'll come out better

As of right now I drive a MSM. Which I love. Nothing fancy. Coilovers and white Rota Grids. Not in a rush to build this thing up. I guess, Im just injoying it for what it is.

Thanks for reading.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry...Happy Kwanzaa?, Happy New Years!

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Better late than never Robert! Since you're in So Cal do you think you'll head up to Laguna Seca for the event end of March?

And what's up with the rock show in the shower? Is that like pet rocks? Stalagmites? Or do you mean your guitar is water proof?

Rock on dude,

PS Got no advice about the beard, sorry.
Chris, as much as I would love to. I have another event that I must attend. Most of the rocking is done by ballad. I do take request.
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