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galpin is trying to hold a monthly car meet every 3rd sunday. they are trying to make it like a supercar sunday type deal or like cars and coffee

mar 18 will be the first of the meets and they will be providing breakfast.

it is open to all makes and models and starts in the morning like at 8 til whenever people decide to leave.

it will be at one of the dealerships in valencia. it is off the 5 north next to magic mountain

i would like to invite the socal miata community to join and please invite your friends also with other cars.

galpin's main bread and butter is their ford store so there will probably be a big turn out of mustangs.

they also have some import dealerships such as subaru, mazda, and honda so i am trying to get the import side of the scene to come out and show them what we have to offer

there will also be some high end cars there also due to our lotus, jaguar, aston martin, and spyker dealership.

thanks in advance.

i hope the kinod guys and project g guys could make it out to this first one

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