banner!!! Wassup y'all

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Hi guys, I finally made my way over here 8)
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Konnichiwa!!! :mrgreen:

Welcome to the site!! Was just checking out your site, very cool.......

1st question........ Who's Roadster is this? on your website, and wow, i like all the eye-candy on your site, we need more pictures like that in our Photo Album!! :shock: :mrgreen: =D> :twisted: 8)



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Who's the girl doing "sitting on the toilet" :roll: :lol: :barf: #-o

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Welcome Mar Tay!
Thanks guys! Pay no attention to my website, it's going under massive re-construction and will re-launch soon. The car is no longer black and is now pink.

Drift Car:

Street Car:

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Welcome to the site and your one of my myspace buddies
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