Mazdapalooza 2006

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I am way too tired and sunburnt to give a run-down, so I'll post info and pictures later.

Here's something to keep you interested. :mrgreen:


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damn thats nice. more pics now biatch! lol
I am looking though all the shots I took, my skin is FRIED right now.

My girlfriend and I just ate for the first time today, and we are feeling pretty sleepy. Good turn out, some people had some shitty attitudes though. I'll post the story later tonight.
I am way too tired and sunburnt to give a run-down, so I'll post info and pictures later.

Here's something to keep you interested. :mrgreen:
Hey! That's my car!

Yeah, it was freakin' hotter than Hell - and then it rained like a bitch for a little over an hour, which caused steam to rise from the hot pavement, making it even more miserable.

The show was great and there were a lot of cool Mazdas there. I met some cool people, including ultimateforce (Will), believe it or not-hehe

I also met grinerizer - he somehow beat me for first place for best Miata :x
Congratulations to him anyway =D>

I heard there was a ruckus after the trophies were given out, but I don't have the details.

I am tired, sunburned, and stinky!

I didn't have my camera, but I will post some links to pics once my RX-8 friends post theirs.
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I just woke-up from a 2 hour nap. Here's what happened at the end.

(Without the pictures, just try to imagine the cars.)

First, this is the back-story if you want to know the whole story...

When we got there there was a trailer unloading some seriously modifyed RX-7s. I mean, balls-to-the-walls style. A Yellow RX-7 FD with over 700whp (claimed) with wheelie bar, gutted interior, etc. A red FD with the cookie-cutter list of what to do to have a rad RX-7 FD, and a montego blue FD with more of the same thing. Pretty much standard bad-ass FD action. A guy with a black (in my opinion) riced out FD and a pretty stock, but cool FD rolled in with them.

They all parked kinda away from us in their own line and all hung out together. They were all friends and OBVIOUSLY have been to countless car shows before. They had just got unloaded before it started the first of the two rain-showers.

I was huddled under some trees staying a little dry with some other people when the FD-crew started bitching about how there wasn't free food. Cullen (the guy who started it up) had apparently claimed there was going to be a BBQ but the park wouldn't allow us to cook so much food at one time so we all had to eat at some hot dog shack about a 5 minute walk away. One of the guys (little guy, big mouth) started bitching. It was FREE to get in and he was ripping on the meet and I said, joking, "Well, here's all the water you can drink!" He looked at me and was like "OH, THAT'S NOT FUNNY." Then there was that silence and he said something like how I can get behind his car and go first or some stupid one-liner and I just kinda laughed it off because I didn't want to kick his head in infront of his friends.

So, anyway, the rain stops, juding finishes...

First there was a crazy FD with a LS1 swap. I mean, clean as could be, with huge fender flairs out back and serious meats on a some even more serious wheels. I talked to the guy for a while and he did all the work himself and really knew cars. Cool guy to talk with.. Untill the FD show car crew started ragging on him calling him a red-neck and all that. I didn't want to cause trouble at the meet, but I really wanted to egg them on when the LS1-swap FD challenged them all to a straight-up street race. He would have walked all of them other than the drag-only FD with wheelie bars.. I degress.. So the awards get handed out and a really cool older guy with a pretty clean FC gets best engine bay. He is obviously very happy to win an award and every body claps. You know, cool guy gets something for having a nice car. Then the best in RX-7 awards...

Third place.. Red RX-7 FD..
Second place.. Black RX-7 FD..

The group of FD owners are all happy and cheering, then they are ready to claim the first prize when...

First price.. Blue RX-7 FC that got best engine bay!

Oh ****, here we go. Every one cheers cause the guy is so happy and smiling and, hey, he had a sweet engine bay and car. It wasn't the BEST in the world, but you just know he put a lot of effort into it. I have some pictures of it for later. It was creative and was obviously on a budget.. He just did a good job, you know?

The FD group starts BITCHING. It was FREE to get in, awards were given out just to make it fun. I didn't hear what they were saying till I got back to my car, but it was mostly stuff like "HOW COULD THAT PIECE OF **** WIN?!" and all that. You know, etc. etc. etc.. Some lady walks by and tells him to grow up then the insults her and her boyfriend, kids my age.. Hell, kids younger like 18-19, walk away laughing at what an asshole this guy is being.

He was complaining his shop cars with unlimited budget didn't win a trophy at some little car show put on just to have a good time. :roll:

I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to runin it , but if it happnens next year I won't be so nice.

Pictures up later tonight if I don't pass out, or die from sun burn.
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Some of the images I am done edting for tonight..

So sleepy.. (Look for a certain 1993 LE Miata..)
Great pics!

I esp. like the Mazda Grand National.

Car show awards always bring out the best in people...
Great pics!

I esp. like the Mazda Grand National.

Car show awards always bring out the best in people...
APPARENTLY I got the situation all wrong, and the RX-7 owners weren't arguing at all.

I guess I imagined it all. 8)
Updated pictures in my link.
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