me and miatadam picked up a new miata $300 bucks

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90 with a 5 speed. sliver and perfect body...just needs a new engine or engine work not sure yet...150k miles great shape ill post pics this weekend.
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gonna part it out? fix it and flip it? build a dedicated weekend race car?
i dont know really....the body is in such good shape so we dont know what we are going to do.
Rotary swap. Or 5.0 swap. Or BP swap. I smell the beginnings of a GRM $2007 Challenge car.
well we have been working on the 5.0 swap for the past 3 months in miatadams we dont want to do anymore swaps unless its a 1.8l
I dont knoww hat your plans are with it, but it would of been a lot smarter and even cheaper to buy a crappy looking,good glassed, running miata for $1700
body is good, interior is great has glass and none of it is cracked. just needs the soft top put back on and engine put back together and should fire right up. front bumper is messed up and has some small rust spots.
incase you did not see the dark sky but its suppose to rain bad the next few days here. so we got it covered up till we can get the top back on. engine only has 120k miles on it also
what? are u serious? **** man. either the person who sold it to u is an idiot. or u are just one lucky sob. dunno anyone here who can just pick up a clean shell for under 1 grand.

is it just me? or are there that big of a difference in the market in CA vehicles versus MS?
hahaha well let me put it this one around here does anything with cars except drag so miata's, 240's and other 90's sports cars are treated as junkers :) which is good for us.

like the 240 is a ghetto car here and no one knows what its really about
GOOD! =) so the scene hasn't exploded over there. cause i got everyone here thinkin they are the next drift king. and even bringin the fast and furious attitude with them about it. so in a way, its starting to be no different rather u go drag with domestics, drag with imports, drift with imports, and drift with domestics????

either way, i'm just keeping mine on a low mods diet. and i know 2 years later, i can even make my money back on the car and basically enjoy my miata's services at no-cost.

so if u think finding a decent honda S2000 under 10k is a problem, than just wait for the miata after a few more fast and furious tokyo drift movies.
oops, my bad. btw, enjoy your good find. iits a nice one.
nice find man
idea noah. buy said ghetto 240s and sell them here in cali for the going price of 4~6 grand. or 98's 240 and sell anywhere close to $10k. take that money and invest in ur ultimate miata!
good find. yeah, all we have down south is drag racers and minitrucks. :p
I'm guilty, I had one... And there are NO drift cars anywhere around here. 240's have truck motors (KA24DE - Frontier engine) in mississippi language that means, pull a trailer with it, or load it down with all your junk because the torque will pull it. The average sale price of an older one is around 1000-2000 dollars. I know where 2 are for sale right now. They'll never sell.

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