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300 Bucks!!! thats pretty good deal.

First of all, I have driven them for a few days.. and 5 days ago I drove them again to remind myself what it was like. lol!!!

Let me do my disclaimer though, I flamed it on, and I will flame it again here.

They had the revised shockbodies, and are supposed to be lower than previous versions. At the current stage, lowed to the max on body adjustment alone, will still leave about 2 fingers width gap on the rear. front can be lowered slightly more. You can only "tuck in" the front.

and again.. I have to say, they are way too stiff, allows very little movement. probably the stiffest and non compliant C/O I have ever experienced, including 16/16 KG S2k C/Os.

driving on them will make you sick, if you touge them, you will get any feedback on the tires, they feel like dead sticks to me rather than a "damper".

On the track, they can be pretty good, as they will push your R compound tires to the ground.

Those ones I had experience had 9/8 KG springs believe. but I think they will still be stiff even if you swap out the springs, it is the bound and rebound that are messed up.

300 for pure track use might not be bad.

and your experience of them might differ from mine as there are probably different shipments and different revisions.

From a build quality stand point, they look good, welding seems neat and they are really bling with those laser engravings.
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