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It's almost MegaMeet time! Come on out!

When: April 27/28/29 (28th will be the main 'MegaMeet' but the whole weekend will be a blast!)
Where: Road Atlanta @ The Classic Motorsports Mitty!

The MegaSquirt Meet will again be at the Classic Motorsports / Grassroots Motorsports 'Mitty' at Road Atlanta in April 2012! Come and hang out with the DIYAutoTune team, Bruce, Al, Ken, James, Phil and the rest of the contributors to the MegaSquirt project and have a great time!

The Mitty itself is a total blast with a weekend full of vintage road racing. There's camping onsite, a party on Saturday night at the big GRM/Classic tent (free beer), and a great time is always had by all.

We'll be doing some mini-seminar showing off the latest products, and some mini-techsessions discussing MegaSquirt EFI and how to properly implement it, what the gains/benefits are, etc.

If you're on Facebook, you can RSVP here:

We need to know how many are coming so we can setup adequate space. Also let us know if you're bringing your car and would like to corral with us! There are always some fun rides at the meet, like that T-Bucket above with the Lamborghini V12 that showed up last year! Bring yours and make it a party!
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