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All great points and many poeple don't think like this. They just want to slap on race everything and hit the track thinking that they will be top dog. Then reality slaps them in the face.
The reality is that race car parts isn't always faster.
The driver have so much to do with it that one forget that there are only so much the car can do.

i remember a while back, one of the forum member race in a "budget" MK1 MR2 racing series.
The car have alot of limit of modification, so it is almost a 1-make series as there aren't much you an do.

The member decide to follow behind Tony Gilham who is a British Touring Car driver.
His thinking was they have the same car, same tires, so there is no reason why he can't follow the same line at the same speed as Tony.
Into the corner, Tony came out, he crash into the wall.
Learn the lesson regarding talent the hard way. :cry2:

where to get these?
We we are not a trader here, so I don't want to post a link up.
But just search for "MeisterR" on google, should be pretty easy to find.

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