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once again id like to say im NEW to these forum excuse me for not posting threads correctly !!!!!!

i have a 1991 miata for sale
motor is a 1.8 for newer miata models
motor has about 65000-70000 miles on it

yesssss it allso has a 6 speed tranny !!!!!!
from a 2002 model
has about 40000 miles on it

this is currently my daily driver
i have ahs no problems what so ever
just replaced alternator too

car has 522 xxr rims 15x7 4x100 +25 offset
falken azenis rt615 tires 205/50r15 with 80 percetn left

megan racing EZ coilovers
drag extended lugnuts

HARDTOP!!!!!! have keys with it also comes with harness to defrost!!!!
truck is a dovetail!!

motor has headers plus exhaust
motor is running perfect nothing is wrong with it!!!!!!!!!!!

alpine stereo
with new speakers
nrg quickreealse

have alot of paperwork for most of items !!!!
this no a scam or fake post
its the reall deal
have more parts i didnt mention

please feel free to contact me
also no tradesssss!!!!

im asking 6k or best offer!!!!!
[email protected]


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You are going to get banned yet another time. Moderators are strict on this forum so I would consider talking to them and getting everything taken care of before you keep making For Sale threads especially under multiple user-names and ESPECIALLY if your last username just got banned last night. Just looking out for you. If I were you I would send batou a PM asap.....

Didn't I tell you to contact me first? (Doesn't have to be me, can be any moderator.)

Three posts, 2 for sale ads, one irrelevant posting on someone else's f/s ad. (read: shitting on other people's threads.)


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Daaaannnng wassssuuupppp babyguuuurrrrlll!!???

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this dip"""" got banned from for posting for sale threads even worse than this.
Actual EX:

Title: Miata for sale 6k
Description: .
Pictures: one attachment pic.
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