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Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR)
SATURDAY, June 2, 2012
Speed Ventures Miata Challenge Round #5
Brought to you by Super Miata and 949 Racing
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Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR or Big Willow) is nicknamed "The Fastest Road in the West" and is also the first purpose-built road course in North America, built in 1953. With a recent refresh and smoothing of the asphalt racing surface, this historic race track further enforces its namesake with the fastest cars achieving an average lap speed of over 100mph.

Video of Andrew Kidd achieving the 100-mph lap in 2009:

Miatas are no exception to this as skilled drivers use momentum to achieve high average lap speeds close (and, in some cases, in excess) of the magic 100mph barrier. Since 2009, Gordon Jennings, Andrew Kidd, and Emilio Cervantes have broken down the barrier for Miata Challenge. Many of the fastest Miata drivers, even of n/a powered ones, love this track as this track is the perfect opportunity for drivers to learn and master momentum driving. Despite the deceptively simple layout and high-speed nature, WSIR is actually a technical track well-suited for Miatas. So, if you want to learn momentum-based driving and test your skill (and bravery) at this historic racetrack, then SIGN UP and learn from fellow Speed Ventures Miata Challenge veterans attending Round 5 of the Speed Ventures Miata Challenge!

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