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If you look at these photos, you’ll know you want to come have fun with us. 19 competitors showed to the last event and it was fun to have a good opening to the season. Needless to say, Round 2 is coming up and the hunt for season points is still wide open.

Per usual, Speed Ventures credits on rewarded to the podium finishers of each class.

  • 1st: $40
  • 2nd: $30
  • 3rd: $20

And remember, you guys are starting this year fighting for the season grand prizes, as per the 2009 season finale.

  • 1st: $200 SV credit AND 1 set of 949Racing 6UL wheels (Gen 2)
  • 2nd: $100 SV credit AND choice of either a $200 949Racing voucher towards $1000+ purchase or $100 gift certificate
  • 3rd: $50 SV credit AND choice of either $100 949Racing voucher towards $700+ purchase or $50 gift certificate

Round 2 registration link: Sat, Feb. 20th, Big Willow
(Note: TRANSPONDERS ARE REQUIRED. Please order one during online registration.)

2010 Rules and Regulations link: PLEASE READ
It is the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand these rules in their entirety.

Current Standings: As of Round 1

Round 1 Summary:

With a lot of hype from the finale of the 2009 season, a lot newcomers came to Buttonwillow for a good start in the hunt for championship points. One of the newcomers includes Alex Cao who each received a very respectable 1st place in his series debut in Street class. This definitely puts the defending champion, Roger Lee, at odds with his 4th place finish. In the meanwhile, the current champion for the Modified class, Leonard Patterson, is no where to be found as newcomer Christopher Huang took 1st place also in his debut.

In contrast, Unlimited class had the usual suspects appear to face off for the debut round, but with the champion, Andrew Kidd was also nowhere to be found. That left Gordon Jennings and Sonny Watanasirisuk to do battle, with Gordon easily taking an important first win for his bid to be the fastest Miata driver in MC.

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I wish I could attend Rd 2. I'd love to see what times the NC can pull off, but my wallet says Laguna is the best bet for my next event.

I hope Ben gets his car together in time. He was quick the last time he was at Willow. He can give Dicker a run for his money.

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You guys gotta make this one, WSIR is the oldest racetrack in CA and one of the best. Anyone who wants to take a shot at winning street class needs to show up because last year only 1 street class car showed up! Also last event's winner and the reigning champion are sitting this out so this is a perfect opportunity to score some points.

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if I had the cash I'd be so up for this....big willow saturday, BW westloop sunday....god that'd be an amazing weekend

and I think even with the MSM cam in I'd still qualify for street class since I'd swap to the MSM front bumper

oh well. realistically I'll see you guys for el toro road course & spring mountain :)
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