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I have a Miata Hard Top for sale.


The seals are in great shape, all the latches are included (1 is off in the pictures).

It has been painted by the previous owner a metallic red, I'm not sure if this is an original Miata color- but oddly enough, it matches our 2008 Mazda5 red perfectly.
The paint is in good shape with great shine, but a few defects. It is very presentable, but not 100% perfect.

This is an earlier top (1990?), because of the shiny black interior latches rather than the satin black latches of the later tops. There is no headliner or defroster - it's the lightest one they made.

I know these are popular with the Spec Miata Racers, NASA, EMRA, SCCA, etc...

I would accept a full trade for a complete Torsen rear end swap from a later Miata - must include driveshaft, axles, rear and housing.
I'm also open to partial trades such as Sparco/ Momo/ Omp steering wheels, sway bars, 1.8L turbo parts, etc...

I also have a pair of the side latch receivers if your car doesn't have them for an additional $25.
The top stand does not come with the top, it is not for sale.


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That looks amazing for $600! You should expect that thing to sell before Monday.
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