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I'm forwarding this in case anyone here is interested. I am NOT the person doing the organizing. Don't contact me.

I'll be there, as always.

Anthony aka Nevadabob


Sorry for the late notice, but I just realized nobody has organized a club corral for us this year! Please pass this on to everyone you know that may be interested and who can show up in a Mazda, preferably a Miata, but all Mazda's are welcome, I mean this IS Mazda [email protected] Seca, right?

The Monterey Historic Races is honoring Cooper and I would hate to think that this is the first time since 1990 that there was not a Mazda/Miata Corral at the Monterey Historics August 18-20. In order to secure a Mazda Corral we must purchase at least 35 tickets, but the deadline is a little over a week away. Since this morning I have sold 5 tickets, including 2 for me and my g/f and I have one tentatively sold. (Current count, as of 6/28 is 24 tickets sold)

That leaves a LOT more tickets to sell, but I have faith that many of you guys/gals would have a blast at this event too.

The DEADLINE TO BUY TICKETS & CORRAL PASS IS JULY 5th, 2006! So I need to get confirmation from as many people by Thursday, 6/29 as is possible. If I cannot get close to 30 tickets I will refund all monies collected. I do NOT need to collect the money immediately, however your word is your bond, so if you commit to purchasing a ticket please do not back out because I may not be able to sell all 35 tickets and this is a large out of pocket expense.

For your convenience you can order on-line by paying through PayPal to: [email protected]. Since PayPal charges me fees I would much rather you send me a cashiers check, bank check, or money order to:

Michael Hagerla
523 A Webster St.
Petaluma, CA. 94952

Ticket Packages & Prices:

3-Day Super Pass (Fri/Sat/Sun) + Mazda/Miata Corral Pass $125 (compared to $145 at the gate)
2-Day Weekend Pass (Sat/Sun) + Mazda/Miata Corral Pass $95 (compared to $115 at the gate)
Saturday Only + Mazda/Miata Corral Pass $65 (compared to $85 at the gate)
Sunday Only + General Corral Pass $45 (compared to $55 at the gate)

I talked to the ticket rep @ Laguna Seca yesterday ? she confirmed that the 2 or 3 day passes only count as one ticket ? lame huh? So, I still need 29 more tickets and have hard committments from everyone by late next week. I can front the money, but you guys need to commit ASAP.
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