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Hey guys, my 1996 Miata was stolen over the weekend. Must've been early morning 5/20/17. Still MIA.

Montego paint. Red Bride Seats. Soft top. Hard Dog single diagonal rollbar. Enkei RPF1 14x7 wearing star specs with painted lettering. Exhaust is loud. Jinba Ittai and a red Mazda sticker on finish panel. Red tow hooks. Damage on passenger rear fender. Door panels are zebra striped. Sun damage on trunk. It's hard to miss really.

Colorado plates: 119-YKO

If seen please report and message me.

You don't know me, but I love you all.

Thank you!

Apparently I can't post images because my post count is too low. This sucks how high does it need to be?

mobbinmontego dot imgur dot com
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