The chassis is a fully caged 1991. I have 3,800 hours into this build and over $14,000. Car has been lightened, weighing only 1,755lbs as compared to the original 2,300lbs. The goal was a track day toy that is beyond most driver’s skill and has very low running costs. The slanted front bumper and rear wing is a balanced aerodynamic package. It does come with a second ‘normal’ front bumper and a trimmed rear bumper.
There are no issues preventing it from going on track. It is not a street car. It does have plates currently.
For sale at $5,000 obo
Feel free to come see the car in person and negotiate / low-ball. No trades.

Parts List (less than 2,000 miles on new parts)
-NA8 1.8L engine with estimated 142k miles
-6 speed transmission with 80k miles
-4.3 LSD Differential with estimated 142k miles
-OEM Manual Steering rack (not depowered)

-6ul 15x9 rims (no cracks) with Hankook Rs4 tires
-new Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings throughout
-new Superpro Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings
-new Bauer Extended Lower Ball Joints
-new Steering Rack Bump Steer Correction kit
-new Mazdaspeed Motor Mount on Passenger side
-new 949 Racing Supermiata Competition Motor Mount on driver side
-new Paco Motorsports Eccentric Alignment Locks
-APR Carbon Fiber GT Wing mounted to frame
-new 949 Racing Stainless Brake Lines
-new OMP Hand Brake and Hard Lines
-new Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve
-new Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder
-Flyin Miata Frame Rail Brace
-RacingBeat Front Frame Brace

-new Fiberglass Lightweight Hardtop with spare rear window
-new Lightweight Shorai Lithium battery
-Fiberglass Front Fenders

-Raceland 4-2-1 Exhaust Header
-Walbro 200 Fuel Pump
-new 949 Racing Stainless Clutch line
-new Aluminum Radiator
-new Aluminum KINOD Coolant Overflow Tank
-new M-Tuned Coolant Reroute
-new Oil Pan Baffle
-new 1.6L Clutch, Pressure Plate, Throw Out bearing, and Pilot bearing

-Schroth 6 Point Racing Harnesses
-Momo Steering Wheel with NRG Quick Release
-Leather/Fiberglass Racing Seats
-new AeroCatch Flush Hood Pins

-new Timing belt
-new Water Pump
-new Rear Main seal
-new Head Gasket (no issues, precautionary maintenance)
-new 1.8L Brake Calipers front and rear
-new Wheel Bearings front and rear
-new Brass Shifter Bushing
-new Shift Boot upper and lower
-new Clutch Master and Slave cylinders
-new Transmission Output Shaft seal
-new Sway Bar End Links
-new Upper Ball Joint front and rear
-new Thermostat
-new Radiator Cap
-new Air Intake Filter
-new Exhaust Resonator
-new Spark Plugs and Wires
-new Fuel Filter
-new Fuel Line Hose
-new Koni Orange shocks/struts

Chassis Modifications
-Spec Miata compliant cage
-Side Exit Exhaust
-Carbon Fiber Splitter with Kevlar bottom extending to subframe
-Slope Nose Front Bumper
-Kevlar Radiator Cooling Panel
-Radiator Ducting between bumper and radiator
-Carbon Fiber Headlight Blanks
-Driver Seat mounted to floor with custom brackets
-Aluminum Wing Brackets mounted to chassis
-Aluminum Flat Bottom and Side Skirts with jacking points
-“normal” Front Bumper
-Foglights installed in place of turn signals as ‘headlight replacement’
-Carbon Fiber Door Handle blanks
-many more…