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i think some of you socal folks (and beyond!) would be more than happy to drive up a few hundred miles to enjoy racing on laguna seca, and everything else that beautiful monterey bay has to offer for a weekend. i plan on making it a mini dream vacation if they lock down laguna seca for the event.

here is a link to the thread, and the first post in quotes:

"Hi All,

As we get ready to start planning next years Miatapalooza we need to get some feedback from the community. If the event were to take place at Laguna Seca next year, would you be willing to travel out to the event, and if so how far would you be traveling. Your response should carry considerable weight on encouraging all the players at Mazda USA and Laguna Seca to facilitate this event.

Please spread the word outside the California community to get a good indication of national, even international response.

Our goal is to have a base of major venders, a track event, a autocross competition, and a skid pan for the event. And of course the camaraderie that a gathering of Miata owners creates.

What the heck, what is the world record for most Miatas at a club event?"
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