Mirror mount block off plates

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Some have seen a thread or two about my mirrors, RayDot's.

I've had several ask about getting a set of mirror mount block off plates.

So I'm going to make a few sets, maybe 5 sets total.

A few questions for those that want a set...

1. Is a "brushed" finish (for lack of a better word) ok with you? The finish would be like the ones above. I could not finish them and leave it up to you to polish them, but it would be a lot of work on your part. The aluminum gets pretty scratched up when I bend it to match the door.

2. For fastners I was going to supply stainless steel button head screws, like this -

McMaster-Carr also carries pan head phillips -
but I'm only going to order one packet (25 screws) so make your voice heard now. Otherwise, you get the allen head screws.

3. Do you want me to supply a gasket to go between the plate and door?

I'll make the sets without the center hole.

Let me know and I'll see how long it'll take to get everything made.

Oh yeah, no price yet for those that want to know. I expect it'll be under $20 for the pair. Maybe less than that.
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I like the button hex screws, a gasket would be nice if its not too much trouble.

If your going to make them, maybe the best of both worlds would be like a mark or a punch for the center hole but not drilled out? that way if somone has a narrow 2 post mirror like the talbot copies, they would have a mark to line up with and no extra holes.
Can someone please clear up a query; once these mirrors are fitted, how do you adjust the mirror. My understanding (having a set here), once its bolted on, the adjustment is set (I'm plying about with bits of thick rubber to get some level of on-the-door adjustment.
I'm interested. Button head screws, gasket would be great.

Let me know.
I am going to attempt to make my own but if i fail miserably i will be interested. Gaskets and the hex head screws would be nice.
I could punch and mark the location I used on the back of the plates for the center post, maybe even dimple it a little.

Adjustment, there ain't much. Once you tighten down the nylock on the mirror post you can turn the mirror some, but thats about it. I would get it a little tight, mount the plate, move it, remove it, tighten, mount it, move it, remove it, tighten... you get the idea!
I want a set. I'll take them with gaskets and the allen head screws.
Sounds like I need to get to work...
Hey Rich,

When you place your McMaster order, maybe get people Allen keys too, they're less than $.50 each.
i want the allen heads with no punch, just a marking for center or a dimple ;)

yeah, make it happen, with gasket too if possible.

Hey Rich,

When you place your McMaster order, maybe get people Allen keys too, they're less than $.50 each.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Not everyone has 3 sets sitting around like me...
Here's what I plan on doing:
1. Make 5 (maybe a few more) sets.
2. Finish will be "brushed" unless otherwise specified.
3. Bolts will be stainless steel button head allens.
4. Rubber gaskets will be supplied.
5. The two mounting holes that match my '94 door will be drilled. The center post will be marked or dimpled on the INSIDE.
6. Allen keys will be supplied.

Haven't worked out prices yet... will post that in the For Sale section.
Posted now in the for sale section.

Link -
Can you make a set in "rust" finish for CE28N? He don't like no bling on his ride...

Hmmm... Aluminum doesn't really rust... but I might be talked into making a set from steel. I'll leave it outside for a while!!
Nice chatting with you. Enjoy the Gap fun :)

Picked up a set for myself and ordered up some mirrors. I love weight reduction.
I knocked out two sets of plates today. They turned out nice...
Terry has benefited from my curiosity... he wanted to polish his and I wanted to see how they look polished. I got out the buffing wheel and went to town on them...
The results

Compared to the brushed finish

The first two sets will go out tomorrow or Wednesday.
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Here's a thought. What if you used two plates, each with just a center hole for the mirror mount. Put one inside the door and one outside. Tighten down the mirror bolt to hold everything in place. That way you wouldn't need the two plate mounting bolts. Of course you'd still want to put a gasket between the outer plate and the door.

'Cause you can't get to that inside part of the door without a lot of trouble!!
hey if your still making these Ill buy a set
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