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hey i almost swapped my runabouts for cf mirrors, but then realized not such a good idea. but my question is: the bolt holes under my mirrors are not in a staight line i.e. like this X X X , but the center hole is raised so it forms a triangle.
but on the moss motors site it claims the mirrors with the X X X configuration should fit my car. (i'm sorry if this is hard to follow!!!)
i have a 1990 and i am wondering if anyone can tell me if my doors are ok, or have they been tampered with or replaced, perhaps after a major accident.

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Isn't the centre hole for power mirror wiring; which wasn't available on earlier cars. I'm pretty sure my 92 Roadster (the only one I got around to taking the mirrors off) has only 2 holes.

As a point; do all 1.8 models have 3 holes, whether power mirrors are fitted or not. It has an impact on an alloy mirror project I am thinking of.
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