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Help me buy books for my summer classes!

Parts are in Jefferson, Ohio 44047 and Cleveland, Ohio 44108

All prices are + Shipping unless otherwise stated.

NB Tonneau, Tan. one blemish, otherwise in good shape. $70

Racing Beat intake elbow only, no hardware or filter. $40

1995 coil pack with 88k miles: $30 ANNNNNND get a free set of stock-looking plug wires with it.

1995 throttle body with all the stuff still attached: $40

clutch & pressure plate out of a 95, maybe someone needs a cheap solution: $20

1995 MAF & Airbox: $40

PTP Turbo Blanket for a T3 Turbo. Never used: $70

99 Tan sills, $20. 99 windblocker (has dirty fingerprints on it, otherwise in good shape), $40

01-05 Jackson Racing Header. Works on 99-00 if you get the 01-05 EGR tube. $200. This is the only pic I have right now.

PARTS I DON'T WANT TO SHIP (will drive a reasonable distance):

99 Tan seats without frame rails: $130 for the pair

driver's wear:

1995 intake mani:$40

Thanks for looking!

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