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96 Miata
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I finally got the Mishimoto in my 96 last night. I did it after work when I was already tired. Not my best choice. I had a major issue with the ac line brackets. Rigged it until I can fab up some.

Just as a fyi to help others since I could not find clear description online. The bolt/bracket that needs bent slightly forward (towards the bumper) is on the top of the ac condenser. It's on the intake manifold side. Threads are pointed towards the rear of the car. I bent it about 1/4 of an inch. I did it after the rad was installed because I was tired and not paying attention. Carefully used a big honking screwdriver.

I had to use the old fan temporarily due to an error on my part. Bought a cutoff wheel to tweak my shroud tonight.

One last thing, it is possible to remove the fans without dropping the undertray. I used a 1/4 drive ratchet with a 360 degree swivel head. Put a deep well 10mm socket on. You will need to fish your hand in. I did it with a warm engine and radiator. With a cold rad and engine, it will be easier.
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