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Hey guys,

I just bought my girlfriend some Picasso fog lights for her Mk2.5 and they fit perfect.
Iam however missing the bulbs (easy enough) wiring harness and a button for them!

The dual mk2.5 button here in the UK is costing around £65!!! Which is wild prices!

I also need a harness for them,.. Do you guys know of somewhere I can get this for cheapness? I would prefer the plug and play option since its her car and I dont want to start messing with wires etc.. or, her old man might bitch slap me for messing about haha.

These are the fog lights I bought.

Made for a Citroen Picasso (Sorry, I dont know if you get these cars in America)

The fog lights are exactly the same only a fraction of the price! So, Just need the wires etc. Thanks :)
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