mk2tmr2's build

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Some of you guys may have seen my non-roadster build thread stating that I was going to convert my daily driver (2003 Lex GS300) into a toy by way of swapping in a JDM Aristo 2JZ-GTE, single turbo, 500whp, suspension, etc.

Scrap that.

I just put a deposit down to hold my next project and it is another roadster. And I won't be starting from scratch on this one. It's already a spectacular example and what's been done has been done right. I'll be taking it, babying it and putting my spin on it.

It will be phat.

That is all. (for now)


Got the car home from Tampa, FL to Dallas, TX

Got the '95M seats recovered in '93LE red and installed

Installed the Nakamae carpeted center console

XIDA installation woes

Got my M2 1028 steering wheel and Runabout Mirrors

Teaser pics of interior with M2/Revlimiter/Nakamae goodies and exterior with custom Eunos stripes and other misc. hotness

Great pics from a photo shoot with Justin (tsxser)

The last bit of "Miata" is gone from the car. All of the branding is now "Eunos Roadster".

Installed Bellof low-pro headlights and a unique "EUNOS" badge on the rear. - GOOD pics of the Bellof Lights here.

Awesome, cheap eBay aluminum radiator install. Took a chance and it paid off. This thing has been great.

Scored some legit wheels off Yahoo! Japan auctions.

Takes 1 and 2 on the SSR Watanabe RS-8's. All Bronze. Follow for a page or 2 to see all pics.

Final take on the SSR Wats. Bronze center, chrome lips. Also...Rooster goes to Albuquerque to hang out with Sharka and Flipper.

Rooster gets a feature

Road trip blogs and route coverage. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The work begins on a built '99 head swap.
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Wow, that's beautiful.
What wheels are you on? Fitment looks spot on.. (not too sunken not too hellfrush)

Good stuff!
Those stripes look great! And the window switch isn't too shabby either.
Wow, that's beautiful.
What wheels are you on? Fitment looks spot on.. (not too sunken not too hellfrush)

Good stuff!
Rota K7. Same specs as the 9" wide 6UL's but about 2 pounds heavier and almost half the price. Bonus: not played out. They are shod with 225/45 RS3's.
Good god almighty... Switches and stripes are both spot on. Well done.
the whole car just looks right.
^ Agreed. I get complements on my vent rings and RS hazard switches all the time. They really liven up the interior without being obnoxious.
In due time, fellas. The plans don't stop here :)
I read through your thread and noticed you didn't like the lack of visibility from the M2s. I sat in a car with them and noticed the field of view was non-existent. I have the S800 mirrors and boy howdy are they nice. Both mirrors have convex glass making them awesome for the street. If you decide to ditch the M2s I'd highly recommend the S800s as a replacement. They still offer the retro/vintage feel (and look awesome btw) without sacrificing functionality.

As far as the interior plans go, I have the black face RS switches and Rspeed vent rings and love them. My plan is to add the polished RS Products A/C knob and hvac knob thingys. I have the RSP black hvac faceplate which looks great as well. I know your car would pull of those items together very well, without making the interior too flashy.
These mirrors are actually the Runabout mirrors. Both are convex and offer a great field of view. It took some getting used to - having a convex drivers side mirror. The small size of the lenses is an adjustment. But with just a couple trips under my belt they felt right at home.
Mine are Runabouts as well. As good as they look (and they do look amazing) I wanted a mirror that didn't sacrifice too much visibility since I dd my car.

I'm also jealous of your fuel lid. I want one of the V1s as well. It looks right at home on the miata imho.
I've come back a few times in the short time after you've posted the photos.

It looks fantastic, great execution on the stripes. Always loved them since seeing the I Styling cars.
Done proper ;)
I like the license plate. I know what it cost too. Ouch.
If anyone is interested in those stripes, PM me. My vinlyl guy has the art for EUNOS and the vintage MAZDA logo. I can provide his contact info and you can enquire about colors, pricing, etc.
Congrats on baby girl!

Great build so far! Love how well the interior and exterior work together. Nice choice of wheels too.
If you ever decide to sell those mirrors, hit me up :p.
Stripes are OMG right! The placement & style is purr-fect. I may hit you up for contact info on the vinyl man. Car is gorgeous & the baby is beautiful. Life looks pretty great in TX.
Freaking classy, man. I think you may have outdone Randy's original set of mods here.
221 - 240 of 1141 Posts
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