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Some of you guys may have seen my non-roadster build thread stating that I was going to convert my daily driver (2003 Lex GS300) into a toy by way of swapping in a JDM Aristo 2JZ-GTE, single turbo, 500whp, suspension, etc.

Scrap that.

I just put a deposit down to hold my next project and it is another roadster. And I won't be starting from scratch on this one. It's already a spectacular example and what's been done has been done right. I'll be taking it, babying it and putting my spin on it.

It will be phat.

That is all. (for now)


Got the car home from Tampa, FL to Dallas, TX

Got the '95M seats recovered in '93LE red and installed

Installed the Nakamae carpeted center console

XIDA installation woes

Got my M2 1028 steering wheel and Runabout Mirrors

Teaser pics of interior with M2/Revlimiter/Nakamae goodies and exterior with custom Eunos stripes and other misc. hotness

Great pics from a photo shoot with Justin (tsxser)

The last bit of "Miata" is gone from the car. All of the branding is now "Eunos Roadster".

Installed Bellof low-pro headlights and a unique "EUNOS" badge on the rear. - GOOD pics of the Bellof Lights here.

Awesome, cheap eBay aluminum radiator install. Took a chance and it paid off. This thing has been great.

Scored some legit wheels off Yahoo! Japan auctions.

Takes 1 and 2 on the SSR Watanabe RS-8's. All Bronze. Follow for a page or 2 to see all pics.

Final take on the SSR Wats. Bronze center, chrome lips. Also...Rooster goes to Albuquerque to hang out with Sharka and Flipper.

Rooster gets a feature

Road trip blogs and route coverage. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The work begins on a built '99 head swap.
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These are particularly nice.
I do agree.

The chrome ring on turn signal never worked for me. I mean ... it's nice, but so subtle that no one will ever see it.

On this car however, it truly fits and adds this retro touch in a very very nice way, love it.

That's pretty classy.

I particularly enjoy the vintage vinyl.. it adds a certain (awesome) look to the car.
This isn't a very exciting addition to brag about. But it kinda thrills me a bit. I finally managed to get the last bit of "Miata" off the car. Installed a pair of "Roadster" polished side sills in place of the "Miata" ones that were there. The red Limited Eunos Roadster floor mats compliment this nicely. Though, admittedly, I wish the metal plate on the floor mats wasn't a bronze color as it's the only metal in the interior that is like that.

The auction that I got these floor mats from said they're from an R2 Limited. If they are...that's pretty awesome. But they're undoubtedly the same mats used on any Eunos Roadster with a red interior. So they're not as rare as the R2 Ltd itself.

The color of the mats is a bit faded and mis-matched to the rest of the red interior. It would be nice if they matched a bit more closely but it is what it is. I spent a lot of time cleaning them using a solution of vinegar and water that I read about on a few auto detailing sites. I didn't want to use anything that might pull more of the red color out of them.

And...a close up of the decade-plus old sill. They cleaned up really nicely.

This is what I used to polish them. It's a powder that you sprinkle onto a damp rag to create a paste. It's just abrasive enough to scrub the metal clean without scratching it up. The sills in this photo are the "Miata" ones that I just pulled off the car. They're not as clean as the newer ones.

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Such an awesome build man. Kudos.
BKF is a wonderful product!
The car is coming along beautifully
This is what I used to polish them. It's a powder that you sprinkle onto a damp rag to create a paste. It's just abrasive enough to scrub the metal clean without scratching it up. The sills in this photo are the "Miata" ones that I just pulled off the car. They're not as clean as the newer ones.
We have a can of that that we use to clean our kitchen sink with. I may have to pull the sidesills on our 93LE and use it on them.
This not only one of my favorite white Miatas or one of my favorite vintage-inspired Miatas...

This is one of my favorite Miatas, period.
I concour. Everytime he posts an update I turn another shade of green.
Don't undersell those small points... it's the little things that set you apart from everyone else. You've done an awesome job of walking the line. I try to avoid vinyl, chrome trim, red interiors, etc, it's hard to pull off, but you managed with this one. Nice job. Not that I expected less. I envied your NB's interior often enough.
Beautiful, the red mats are a lot nicer than your description leads them to be.
You can try to dye them if you want, but that's at your own risk, haha.

Great stuff!
Thanks for the kind words everyone.

I put a quick coat of wax on the car yesterday. I didn't have time to do my full Zaino treatment. I picked up some fresh Mother's paste wax and I have to say - I like the result. I may just throw a second coat of this on and call it done.

I have to say - I LOVE a white car in terms of paint maintenance. If I ever buy another black car it'll be because I've gone crazy. I still have 2 black cars so I'll save all the Zaino products for them. For what it's worth - I'm no detailing expert, but I've used lots of different polishes/waxes and I won't use anything else besides Zaino on a dark colored car. That stuff is ridiculously awesome.
White is right
If anyone is interested in those stripes, PM me. My vinlyl guy has the art for EUNOS and the vintage MAZDA logo. I can provide his contact info and you can enquire about colors, pricing, etc.
Hook a brotha up!! Do you have any other examples of this striping on other cars? Do people do the stripe with Mazda on it or Miata on it, instead of Eunos?
My vinyl guy has the artwork for the stripes with "Mazda" and "Eunos" logos. The Mazda logo is an older one that gives a more vintage feel.

There is a BRG NA in the Vintage thread that has the Mazda version on his car. There's also a Yellow car that has similar stripes in black - but the scale is significantly different and the stripes sit higher.

I can create the artwork with Miata, Roadster or modern Mazda logos and email it to him so that he'll have it for you. I'll PM you his contact info.

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I really don't want to copy your build, or rip your style off. No fun in that. :) I will see if I can find the BRG that you are talking about. I think I would love roadster on that--not sure if that would be appropriate? What say you.
I think "Roadster" would be really cool. Because of the script font it would have a similar feel to some of the Porsche 911 stripes.

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I wonder if it would be worth just starting a group buy for these vinyls? Seems like there's a bit of interest in them.
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