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Some of you guys may have seen my non-roadster build thread stating that I was going to convert my daily driver (2003 Lex GS300) into a toy by way of swapping in a JDM Aristo 2JZ-GTE, single turbo, 500whp, suspension, etc.

Scrap that.

I just put a deposit down to hold my next project and it is another roadster. And I won't be starting from scratch on this one. It's already a spectacular example and what's been done has been done right. I'll be taking it, babying it and putting my spin on it.

It will be phat.

That is all. (for now)


Got the car home from Tampa, FL to Dallas, TX

Got the '95M seats recovered in '93LE red and installed

Installed the Nakamae carpeted center console

XIDA installation woes

Got my M2 1028 steering wheel and Runabout Mirrors

Teaser pics of interior with M2/Revlimiter/Nakamae goodies and exterior with custom Eunos stripes and other misc. hotness

Great pics from a photo shoot with Justin (tsxser)

The last bit of "Miata" is gone from the car. All of the branding is now "Eunos Roadster".

Installed Bellof low-pro headlights and a unique "EUNOS" badge on the rear. - GOOD pics of the Bellof Lights here.

Awesome, cheap eBay aluminum radiator install. Took a chance and it paid off. This thing has been great.

Scored some legit wheels off Yahoo! Japan auctions.

Takes 1 and 2 on the SSR Watanabe RS-8's. All Bronze. Follow for a page or 2 to see all pics.

Final take on the SSR Wats. Bronze center, chrome lips. Also...Rooster goes to Albuquerque to hang out with Sharka and Flipper.

Rooster gets a feature

Road trip blogs and route coverage. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The work begins on a built '99 head swap.
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and the shitty thing is that the 95m seats were on a **** ton of NA miatas in the UK, and probably elsewhere. I see them all.the.time. on the UK breakers' sites. Cloth, leather, etc. We just got boned. As some have pointed out though, people always want what is different. We drill our fenders for side markers, they wish they had no markers at all.

Clarkson did a series way back called "motorworld" - in the Japan segment, they talked to Yakuza, who all drove black Mercs. The status symbol was a LHD version.
I owe this thread mad picture updates. I will get to that this weekend, weather permitting.

Got the Integral Kobe catback exhaust mounted last night. I had to have an O2 bung welded in and I had to cut off one of the hangers that I guess is used on the NA6 or an earlier NA8? Either way - it was hitting the underbody so it had to go.

I've read here and there on the web that people think the Integral is the best sounding exhaust on the Miata. I think that might be a bit of an overstatement...but I have to say that I love the way it sounds. I won't even try to describe it using words, because I'm not good at that sort of thing. I'll post up a sound clip when I get a chance to take my camera to the car this weekend.

One of the best things is the look - very understated and subtle. The only thing that would even hint at the fact that it's not stock (besides the wonderful noise) is the slight angle of the polished tip. No riceboy/aftermarket aesthetic to be found here.

The car feels noticeably peppier now, too. Definitely more mid and top range grunt over the stock-ish catback that was on there.

In other news - I just found out that the suspension that is currently on my car came from another forum member who I think is a super cool guy. I am still in a hurry to get it the hell off my car - but I like the fact that it reminds me of how tight the roadster enthusiast world is.

Speaking of getting the suspension off my car: the XIDA Club Sports are delayed another month. Probably won't see them until mid June. :-\
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Ok. Promised photos but it was raining last weekend. So instead I'll post one of the goodies that is presently waiting shipment from the land of the rising sun to my doorstep.

Runabout V2 fuel lid that I *stole* from the Yahoo Japan seller. Thanks to Randy for alerting me to the bargain.

I also scored an authentic set of R2 Limited floor mats. They're a little dirty and will require some elbow grease to get cleaned up. I plan on using them for driving-around-town duties so the pristine set of '93LE mats that came with the car can stay pristine.
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Runabout V2 fuel lid that I *stole* from the Yahoo Japan seller. Thanks to Randy for alerting me to the bargain.
That's the V1 fuel lid. The V2 has a ring of allen head bolts on it and was available much longer than the V1.

And copycat. :mrgreen: Now there will be two of these in Dallas.
That's the V1 fuel lid. The V2 has a ring of allen head bolts on it and was available much longer than the V1.
This thread has them labeled backwards, then.
This thread has them labeled backwards, then.
Yep, it's backwards. Look at some of the old Road&Ster magazines. Regardless what it's called, you still got the better looking one.
Looks great. This car has always tempted me to pick up a white one. The new console is going to look great, love the red 95M seats
Regardless what it's called, you still got the better looking one.
That's called, "real talk."
Got another box in the mail. This time it was JDM goods but from a USDM address. (Thanks, Stealth97)

After about a year of being separated, this 1996 "R2 Limited" and its Nakamae center console have been reunited! It took about 10 minutes to install and, unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend much time admiring it due to family obligations. I did manage to snap a photo to share.

It makes a huge difference to the look of the interior. I love it. But of course...the interior is nowhere near done. Lots more to come.

I did also take a sound clip of the exhaust. The only problem is that I suppose 10 feet away is too close for my camera's speaker. The sound was so blown out it was horrible to listen to. So I'll re-do that some time soon.

Next up....XIDAs?? It's the 1st and 949 was estimating that they'd ship them out around the 6th. I'll believe it when I have a tracking number. Stay tuned.
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Dude. Looks perfect in there.
There is a black Nakamae center console on Yahoo Japan Auctions right now. If anyone wants me to grab it for them I will. Cost will be around $500 shipped to you. Condition is comparable to the one I have. It even comes with the power window switch so you don't have to transfer yours over.

If you're interested, let me know in the next 24 hours otherwise it'll be gone, baby, gone. Just shoot me a PM. I have a shipment of a few things from Y! Japan coming to me in a few weeks and I can include it in that shipment.
I was just digging through my memory card and found this one pic that I took just before putting the passenger side seat back in the car once it was complete. Thought I'd show it off because it really shows how nice the seat looks in the new leather - as well as a good look at the contrast between the red and the black hinge/knuckle covers.

Unfortunately, from this angle the front, bottom corner of the seat bottom looks a bit unfinished. That's just how the covers came and it was the best I could do with assembling them. Fortunately, you can't see this when the seats are mounted in the car.
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I have a tracking number!

Springs and tophats will be at my door from 949Racing on Tuesday. The AST 5100's are at AST USA about 15 miles from my house. I'll hopefully be picking those up in person today.

So...I'll probably put the car up on stands this weekend and start disassembly as time permits. Time is a valuable asset right now with my wife giving birth in about 6-7 weeks and a house to get ready for baby #2. Hopefully I'll have everything apart by Tuesday so that I can assemble the coilovers and start bolting everything up on Tuesday. I'm scheduling an alignment for Saturday. So I'll need to get the tires mounted to the wheels before then, too.

This should be good, don't be shy with taking pictures during the install :p
good news
That console looks right at home, as it should! I'm glad it showed up as you expected it, enjoy :)
My springs and tophats should be arriving today. FedEx says they're "out for delivery". So last night I pulled the stock NB suspension off and the car is ready to receive its new legs tonight!

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I did that once years and years ago with an exhaust. It then took UPS 4 more days to deliver it. On the upside, I found out how it is to commute with just a header.

Hope you have more luck with deliveries than me.
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