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I'm sure that all of you know that the NA and probably NB stock horns are terrible. Let's admit it, they are embarrassing to use. In my car at least, the alarm is mounted in the engine bay directly in front of the passenger. Maybe before I got the car someone disconnected something, but the only two wires hooked up to the alarm were the black one and red one coming from the wiring harness in front of the driver. (There were two thin black ones with about 8 inches of wiring but the insulation was covering the ends of the wire so they were pointless.) In the 6 months I've had the car the alarm has never gone off. I decided after getting sick of no one listening to the horn to do some modifications; I have the stock alarm in my NA set up as my alarm.

You may be able to do this with 20-18 gauge wiring and connectors but I used what I had and accidentally bought without testing sizes.

Equipment (I used):
14-16 blue butt connectors
9 feet of 12 gauge wiring
wire cutter stripper and crimper
electric tape

First thing is you have to remove that little plastic shelving thing that is right behind the bumper. This is held on by a few screws and easy to remove. Then you should see the stock horn, it is closer to the passenger side but relatively centered and near the hood release. Now find the wire going to it, its green with a red stripe. I didn't feel like getting my wire cutter down through that small hole so I reached in and pulled on the wire breaking those little plastic pieces holding it down. Once I broke one or two of them so I could pull the wire easily up above the bumper, I cut it about 5 inches from the wiring connector that is already in that wire on the side opposite the horn. This way I could resplice it if I ever need to. Then from there I went over to the alarm and cut the red wire about 8 inches from the alarm so I could resplice that too if needed. I then took my 12 gauge wire and ran it from the stock horn wire to the red alarm wire under the light and tucked under and behind tubes and wires in the engine keeping it close to the right fender. The 12 gauge wiring was too wide for the blue butt connectors so I had to cut off some of the individual wires after I stripped it. Although kind of annoying it still works. I used electric tape to hold it in place which so far is staying. Then I cut the extra wire off and stripped that wire as well as the horn wire and the red wire. I then used the butt connectors and connected the stock horn wire to the red wire, and covered the connectors with electric tape. I went back in my car and pushed the horn button, and my car horn now sounds like an alarm.

I'll try to get some pictures up in the next day or so.
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