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Hey gais, I have a MOMO italy ebrake handle im trying to get rid of. It's in really good condition with a couple of smudges but it should clean up real nice. It has a black leather boot on it that's in really good condition and it says MOMO on it but the text is really faint. It has velcro on the inside of the boot so it sticks directly onto your carpet. On the inside of the boot are some Allen wrench screws that you tighten down to hold the handle in place. The handle itself has MOMO italy on it. I found some online for around 100 shipped, I want to try and get 60 shipped OBO plus your stock ebrake covers. I like the way it looks in my car but it's just a little to bulky for my taste.

You can either PM me or email me at [email protected] for a faster response.



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