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I only ran this wheel for about 3k miles.

Its great wheel I just wanted something different.

I DO NOT HAVE THE DECORATIVE RING I took it off because I did not like the look and lost it somehow.

Style Tuning
Color Black
Material Leather
Spoke Finish Silver
Ring/Pad Silver, Round
Horn Gray
Diameter 13.78 in (350 mm)
Rim Diameter 1.06 x 1.3 in (27 x 33 mm)
Anatomic Grip Diameter 1.42 x 1.34 in (36 x 34 mm)
Weight 2.95 lbs (1.34kgs)

Momo sells these for $248 I just want it out of my way and am only asking $140 OBO.

here is the link to MOMO site:

I would prefer local pick up but am willing to ship if you are willing to pay the added expense.

Comes with the Horn Button pictured

go ahead, give yourself an early Christmas Gift!


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