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I've only run one seat at a time in the Miata and only on the driverside. Both fit very well. The megan seats are for someone pretty skinny, you don't want to be bigger than 32" waist. The Momo's not having a super high bulster can be had by someone with just a bit bigger waist than 32".

Momo RSGT $175
This one is like brand new with no signs of hardly ever being used. It comes with universal sliders that can be mounted to a bracket.

Momo RSGT $150
I used this one for a while and it could use a good cleaning and has a small welding burn hole. The momo RSGT seats I believe can be made SFI legal as they are steal seats that can be tied into a rollcage, making them legal. This has same style universal sliders as the others and a custom bracket I made for the driverside.

Megan Racing Pro Series Carbon Backed Seats $350
Would like to keep them together. They could use a little cleaning but they are in pretty good shape. These came out of the yellow and black s13 hatch that was built for Tanner Foust back in like 2005.

I currently have the Megans on Bride Side Mount Rails and Sliders $150/ea
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