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Présentation de Marginal-style (en Anglais) ,You want a piece of European auto?

Translation via GOOGLE

Hello to everyone

Please find below (after tens of a post), many of my old cars, and modifications Aportes

Note, if you want a piece of French or European car, I just be your man, do not hesitate then, between passionate about Roasteur of Spent Private Message.

My name Seb, Residing between France and Morocco

[COLOR = "Red"] French insed: (Yummy Frogs and Snails) = Turbo snail, snails not = Frog Miata, not amphibians lol In gastronomy, I like Neither one nor the Other lol [/ COLOR]

Thank you, all and all to visit and post

I edited my profile so that you know more about me, which will be very useful to remember who I am, if you're wondering. [/ I]

My main qualities [/ U]
Curiosity, candid, honest, generous, creative, imaginative
My main Default [/ U]
Impetuous, megalomaniacal, easily tired, impatient, provocative

In conclusion, if I had to define myself, I am a person who denounces injustice with great cynicism, unfortunately, having a hard time my understanding, I go very often for a bad guy [/ B] lol

My passion, creating mechanical preparations engines, exhaust noise, the flames, the brutal, hot rod, the body, old restored cars behind me I have a multitude of project is ... J ' love cella cella that time remains in the passion and pleasure, henceforth become cella
But the quad, jet skiing, skiing ...
But, I also like the tenderness, sewing, painting, Write lyrics for songs, video, script writing and other time

But what I love above all, is to lead ....

My currency [/ U]
I curve, only for god!
Live to drive, drive to live.

By the fact, I am naturally truck driver.

For projects financed my car and circuit, I buy cheap cars from one to two months, I disassembled into parts that I sell, in France or Morocco

By the many friends in Morocco, which have the same passion as me, so I created a company grows in Morocco luxury (Do not think that Morocco is an underdeveloped country, Morocco has numerous billionaire the image of China for example)

In the interviews, the body repair and mechanical cleaning of all the type of lux cars, prestige or collection, rapidly expanding sector in Morocco.

Here's one of my achievements on basic NA MX5, Miata aka the States ...

Version non traduite

Bonjour à tous et toutes

Je me prénom Seb ,Résidant entre la France et le Maroc

French insed: (Yummy Frogs and Snails)= Turbo snail, snails not = Frog Miata, not amphibians lol In gastronomy, I like neither one nor the other lol

Merci ,à tous et a toutes de visiter et de poster

J'ai éditée mon profil ,afin que vous en sachiez plus sur moi ,ce qui seras bien utile pour vous rappelez qui je suis ,si vous vous posez la question .

Mes principales qualités
Curiosité ,Franc , Honnête ,Généreux ,créatif,imaginatif
Mes principales Default
Impétueux, mégalomane ,Facilement las,impatient ,provocateur

En conclusion ,si je devait me définir ,je suis une personne qui dénonce les injustices avec beaucoup de cynisme ,malheureusement ,ayant beaucoup de mal à ma faire comprendre ,je passe très souvent pour un sale type lol

Ma passion ,la création mécanique ,les préparations moteurs,les bruits d'échappement ,les flammes,le brutale , le hot rod ,la carrosserie,les vielles autos a restauré J'ai derrière moi une multitude de projet fait ...J'aime cella ,temps que cella reste dans le cadre de la passion et loisir ,dés lors cella deviens
Mais aussi le quad ,le jet ski ,le ski ...
Mais ,j'aime aussi la tendresse ,la couture ,la peinture ,Ecrire des textes pour des chants ,la vidéo ,l'écriture de scénario et temps d'autres

Mais ,ce que j'aime par dessus tous ,c'est conduire ....

Mes devises
Ne courbe l'échine que pour dieu.
Vivre pour conduire ,conduire pour Vivre.
Par le fait ,je suis naturellement conducteur routier .

Pour financé mes projets automobiles et circuit, j’achète à petit prix une à deux autos par mois ,que je démonte en pièces que je revends ,En France ou au Maroc

Par le fait de nombreux amis au Maroc ,qui ont la même passion que moi ,ce qui me pousse a créé une entreprise au Maroc de standing (Ne croyez pas que le Maroc est un pays sous développé ,Le Maroc a de très nombreux milliardaire a l'image de la Chine par exemple )

Dans l'entretiens ,la réparation carrosserie et mécanique ,le Nettoyage de tous type d'autos de lux ,prestiges ou collection,secteur en plein expansion au Maroc.

Voici une des mes réalisations sur base MX5 NA ,alias Miata au States ...

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Oh and used google to translate for us english only guys.
Hello to everyone

"My name Seb, Residing between France and Morocco

My passion, cars, engine and body preparation, I am also currently setting up a business in Morocco, in the interviews, the body repair and mechanics, the cleaning of all type of cars lux prestige or collection, rapidly expanding sector in Morocco.

Here's one of my achievements on basic NA MX5, Miata aka the States ...

I am in the process of creating a more project based on this, see you soon"

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Thank you all for your congratulations and welcome, do not worry, I'm not an eater of snails or frog, however, as you can imagine is that the hybridization exites me;)
Take a frog (Miata) introduced him a snail (Turbo made ​​in Flying miata and gives you noticed that the engine is equipped) hybridization with a 323 GTR!
Forgive me if I have not used google translation before the function, but for my imperfect French, I was worried that it becomes in the uncomprehending.
I wish to know in what section, I can show my self and its development, can be, I just shared my experiences and you give me new, I confess that I was influancé by your car, because in therm changes, the U.S. is for us Europeans to the top of the inovations concerant miatas.
And in terms of innovation, I have a stock you do découvrire on this car and future developments;)

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thank you;)

marginal or marginal-style-share, it is the same person, I had not noticed that I was registered as marginal-share, because I could not connect: (

The google translation is not fantastic, I regret having not done my English classes consciensieusement younger lol.

Thank you for your tolerence

Thank you for your input

Note, at this point, it is my home, 13h30. or 1.30 pm

or more H 6.

Mr December yo
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Haha google translation isn't perfect but its better than nothing. Welcome mate, your car looks great!

Haha google traduction n'est pas parfaite, mais c'est mieux que rien. Bienvenue compagnon, votre voiture est superbe!

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You can write in English, but English supported, non-English dialect, because the Google translation become ambiguous. Thank you

I had to change several of my cars in the past, here are some photos for leaving this subject Past.

Here a Corrado GTI 16-valve equipped with a large turbo T3/T4


GTI Type 16S KR
Feisceaux G60 reviewed and corrected
Electronics box with smart AME 60 G turbo 16s
House Air Filter
Garrett Turbo T3/T4 Delta HF Integrale Provenance.
Stainless steel collector to measure
Hose duct to measure oil
Medium oil filter tarodé largest flow
Sump TD
Rear engine mount TD (Turbo Diesel)
Reinforced straps
Reinforced roller
Suport assisted steering pump g60
Alege type alternator for motor KR
Starter G60
Flywheel Alege of G60
Clutch mechanism and reinforced G60 Skates 4
Line 70 custom stainless
Downhill (Gooseneck INOX) with custom dual lambda
Reinforced hose and all custom (U.S.)
Gearbox G60
Engine and gearbox repaint in orange / silver / matte black
Intake manifold (large diameter), polished and painted journal
Audi S4 twin turbo injector
Candle S2
Adjustable pressure regulator with pressure gauge
Ramp tailored injector
GTD electric pump cooling water
Volvo 740 TD intercooler (Huge)
Façade review and correct to pass it HLE ditto sheet reinforcement
Radiator Golf GTD (very large)
G60 fan
Intercooler fan (internal control after contact)
Piston S2 (segment / cushioned)
G60 head gasket
Hybrid pump oil G60/KR
Anti splash plate
Support special injector electronic fuel injection pipe
Butterfly G 60
co2 / hose G60 review
Deletion ISV
Duced medium blue probe
Igniter and ignition harness 16 s
G60 coil
Dump valve

Braking VR6 (type) with Double Piston Caliper Wilwood
Disk and Plate competitions
Hold for release
Power Flex
GOTTI GSX rim Polished 9x16 3 parts for the front and 9.5 x16 for the rear mounted 215/40/16

Shield dietrich journal house (for a maximum of air)
Blinking in the headlights
AB lies beneath the grid
Cover VR6
Smoothing and painting complete full black "vag-mania ©" (571 to 1 in 3 with 598 + ultra matt lacquer (Standox ©)
Fires blackened (front and rear)
Brush 405
Grille Ruggier
Turbo Logo
GSX rim GOTTI PART 3 9x16 in the flank and 9.5 x16 stretched 215/40/16 tire same size
BILSCHTEIN Sport and spring yard -6
Extended wings of 3 x4 cm
Shield back home

Sill corrado
Turbo pressure gauge / oil pressure / air fuel / voltmeter.
Isiota snap off steering wheel and knob isiota
Alpine and Focal PA, ect ....

La base corrado G60 Estoril ,model Suisse ,de 91
Spécification estoril ,et equipement de corrado standar
Lors de l'achat en 2001 (les autocolant estoril ,n'y etait plus )

Ensuite j'ai recupéré les Gotti du multipla et les est mis sur le coco


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Model U.S. 91

List of Changes

Turbo Golf TD

Full-brake system golf2 GTI 16S.
Suspension and damping-short
Nine-running gear mounted proflex, all as the stabilizer bar
Nine-Wheel bearing / Fuse nine.
Power Wheels-tec 8.5 x14 has polished us mounted 195/45/14
Tint-calipers in red

Painting full-on as I have called "Royal Purple" Hue mid purple, aubergine half following reflections
Slightly satin-lacquer
Jagged-acronyms / bumps / sidelights / antenna ....
Chrome-up to stick
Grille-old scool shadow without abbreviation
Flashing white-
Tint-red taillights
Fire-stop U.S. retained
Trap-gasoline and are polished edge
Karman-Kit / registration plate below
Snikers-old school
Glass-baffle opening
Out-of DTM Dual Pots

White-Door panel and reviewed by me
Seats skai-white and purple.
-Stand up windows, door Wolfsburg
Billiards-shift knob 8.

Basf-front and rear pioneer 16 inch 3 way [/ center]
Avant Modification

Aprés modification By Marginal-style....

Photo 3/03/07 Fauconiéres 26

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