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ooo that kind of rhyms doesnt it XD
So yeah , hey. Findaly got my car to a point where im happy showing it to people, I tend not to do the whole forum thing too often these days , but since I'v been drooling over the slammed thread ( amung others) for months I thought id best put in a little contribution to the site and here it is.

Thats about as close as you'll get to actualy seeing a photo of me if I can help it.

Spec ;-

1600na import
minus a/c
minus PAS
dodgy ebay "induction kit"
2nd hand FPR
Wire tuck
2.5" manifold back stright exhaust exiting on the left

standard apart from what you can see and a few bits lopped off...
14x9.5" banded steels - yoko 205/55 boots

Big pink dildo gear stick :woolery:

Um. yeah.

Probably have a few more photos stashed away - might do a build thread as im doing a gehto S/C on it slowly.

Hope you like!
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