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MossMiata will have a few different reasons to stop by our garage to say hello and check out our products and cars at the Miatas at MRLS that's coming up Sept 5-7, 2014!

1) Rides in our 1996 Miata driven by EIGHT time SCCA National Champion, Kent Prather! Our car is suited up for high-speed laps and we will be unveiling a new system at this event - be the first to see it in action. Kent is an amazing driver. If you want to see what a Miata can do on track at speed, Kent has literally thousands of hours of track time experience.
*Please sign up for your ride at our garage!

2) Our 2006 NC MX-5 will be on-site and it's covered in our most popular products. Would you like to see a product before you buy it? This is a great time to see or products real-time and in-use. We'll have lots of products available for ALL Miatas for you to check out in person, too.

3) Coupons for FREE Shipping will be included in our catalogs! This shipping discount will apply on orders placed after the event, it's one way we can thank you for stopping by our garage to check out our products.

4) Get a Free limited-edition T-shirt! Earlier this year we had a contest for Miata artwork and asked our customers to vote on the best design. All original artwork was done by our customers. The winner is now printed on a T-shirt that we printed especially to celebrate the Miata community AT Miatas at MRLS! This T-shirt will only be distributed at this event, so make sure to stop by and get your own limited-edition T-shirt.

We're looking forward to seeing you all soon, and we hope you come by the Moss garage to say hello!
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