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There are a few people on here that are very talented at taking some pictures. Since we don't have a thread with everyone's roadsters together I figure this would be a good thread. Post pictures of your car as much as you would like. Try for them to look decent. Use old ones, others, or any other miata that you might see on the internet.

Post pictures of your car (Inside or Out), any new additions please specify.
You can discuss but please don't hold long conversations. I like looking at pictures so do most others.
Don't hate on others cars. Your opinion doesn't matter unless it has been asked for.

I'll start off.
I got my new lip in finally :D

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Oh hey roll bar. You're so roll bar-ey. Definitely should have asked a buddy to help with that project. :lol:
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I always enjoy your photos. A tiny bit lower and it'd be perfect :)
Thank you sir. Low will come eventually, but right now 4x4 height is MUCH more practical.
Check the tread direction on your rear Star Specs. ;) Swoopty swap.
GAAHHH. I guess when I was putting the car back on the ground at 1am during the roll bar install I wasn't paying attention. Son of a bitch, I swore I would never do that. :woolery:
Just took it this morning.. what do you think?
Functional ride height on RPF1s and Star Specs? Sounds familiar... :woolery:

Clean shot, too.
Clean my wheels? Nope! Carbon fibre fenders!

Just saying. ;)
Priorities, brah.
6" of snow in October? What am I supposed to do but go for a ride with the hardtop off?

October wonderland?
by Dan Valanzola, on Flickr

October wonderland? by Dan Valanzola, on Flickr

October wonderland? by Dan Valanzola, on Flickr

October wonderland? by Dan Valanzola, on Flickr

October wonderland? by Dan Valanzola, on Flickr
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Beefy, I like it!
D'oh, college is expensive. I paid off my student loan after my 31st birthday.

Thanks dude, a really old Canon digital SLR. 40D.
Wow, is the 40D considered really old now? Guess I've been shooting longer than I thought... :woolery:
Just checked the release date on google, 2007/2008. I honestly thought for a bit there that I'd had it since 2001. :oops:
Haha I was gonna say, I'd be glad to take it off your hands if it was too old for you.

Guess I'll just stick with my Rebel XS until I go full frame. :lol:
Theyre not on the car.
Thyere just on the side of the wheels I have mounted.
wheels are black so they can't be seen
He's saying you can measure the offset (well, backspacing, but with backspacing you can figure out the offset) with a ruler and a piece of wood.

Google measuring offset.
Was able to take the car out a bit on Friday, but the weather's still not good enough to bring her out of the garage and up to school for good, so here she stays.

Hibernation. by Dan Valanzola, on Flickr
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Marble, that may be the best looking NC1 I've ever seen.
Perfect ride height. Love it!
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