Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

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There are a few people on here that are very talented at taking some pictures. Since we don't have a thread with everyone's roadsters together I figure this would be a good thread. Post pictures of your car as much as you would like. Try for them to look decent. Use old ones, others, or any other miata that you might see on the internet.

Post pictures of your car (Inside or Out), any new additions please specify.
You can discuss but please don't hold long conversations. I like looking at pictures so do most others.
Don't hate on others cars. Your opinion doesn't matter unless it has been asked for.

I'll start off.
I got my new lip in finally :D

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haha thanks mate! post a bit on mx5nutz, but been a bit hesitant to post it on here as it wasnt up to the standard of most. fitted my gv style lip yday and think its starting to look more respectable now, still lots of plans though!
Sick! What lip is that? It looks like a trap style lip but then it continues further on the sides around the bumper like the GV style.
Seems to be a GV lip with a carbon trap lip put over/on top of it. i know he had a trap lip before.

here is a pics of the old setup with the trap lip and the non carbon brightning duct:

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What is on your wheels?
It's blood.
What is on your wheels?
It's blood.


Red splatters on it.
He is a vamp.
Rainin sunday in socal
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Those wheels... <3
already had one of those. the look was great, but I ended up never taking it off. this is car 2, so it needs to stay a convertible.
Marble, that may be the best looking NC1 I've ever seen.
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