Mr. Mattmans ITB Turbo build

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New Change in car and drivers additude!

Ive finally decided to post up my car and its change since ive owned it. Lots of blood sweat and tears have been put into this project of mine. Im nowhere near done complete.

Basically This car has no imediate future with the direction its going. Basically im trying to replace much of the oem stuff, and make it a complete head turner. Yes its been autocrossed, yes its been drifted but id like to step it up before i do so.

I bought the car on december 18th 2010. Looked like this..

Time went by, and decided a clean paintjob, wheels and a good slam would be nice..

Well once i decided i wanted to make it something completely unique and one to remember, i got to work. Tested my limits of mechanics and my credit lol. Lots of parts rolled in, got reealllly good deals on some, Like my racing beat type 2 bumper i got free, straight trade for stock bumper, my cage was only $250. Car got sent to a friends for its paint make over..

After getting car back home, My wheels finally came in and all the hard work had paid off. This was the first picture of my car in its new state.

Lots of picutres were taken for different sites. a couple of my faves are

This is where ill stop for now, more pix up soon, since im in middle of wiretucking and shaving my bay.
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Was not expecting the end result, awesome progress.
For such a clean car, clean up the rear bumper cut out. Please :)
Let's all just take a moment and remember what this car used to look like:

Well done, sir.
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even my wheels will be up for sale soon aswell... want less aggressive myself
What do you mean less aggressive? Higher offset? Smaller width?

I'd love to take your wheels off your hands, but I'll never have the cash.
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