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Hello fellow Roadster people.

Since I'm new to this forum I decided to introduce my Car and myself a little bit.

My name is Max, I was born 26 years ago in Germany. Always had a thing for the MX 5 platform. In 2019 for Christmas I got myself a NBFL.

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car Vehicle Sky

This one. Nickname Yuki.

Driven daily, modded monthly, fixed when necessary. Is the motto I have given this car.

With me beeing 1.95m tall I quickly realised I had to do some modifications. Luckily one of the early owners of this car must have had similar problems, so the seats had already been lowered.

For shoulder clearance a friend of mine helped me with new door panels made of wood.
Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Trunk Bumper

This was the first working prototype.
The only problem with wood was humidity. So we changed it for a different material.
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The new panels were a good reason to also upgrade the speakers.

Wheel Plant Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wood

New wheels for summer tires were necessary.

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle registration plate Land vehicle

The old exhaust done by one of the owners before me was atrociously loud and oversized so it had to go.

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The new exhaust has a nice tone and is a lot more subtle.

Automotive parking light Car Tire Automotive lighting Hood

Few months later the all so reliable MX 5 engine tore itself apart.
But after buying a newer engine we were confident we would make the car stronger, better, faster.
Hood Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive design

And if not, at least it would be sexy.

The engine worked good. But now the next obstacle was getting TÜV (MOT) for the next two years.
Didn't work out how I hoped.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Rim

TÜV said no.

So after a lot of grinding, cutting and welding the little MX was as good as new. Well at least in my book.
Got the car approved for the next two years.
Got new summer tires (Nankang semi slicks).
It would have been a good end for a bad month.
But that would have been to easy. The new engine wasn't as good as we had hoped.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

Fast forward three months and with a "new" engine the little MX 5 is on the road again.

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Since last Weekend was the end of October, so I decided to change to winter Tires.
On that occasion I took the time to remove the rusted parts of the rear wheel arches which often are bend out by beeing hit with gravel.

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle

One of the previous owners probably made some bad relationship decisions. The rear of the car was scratched several times with a key.
Since I was painting the arches I decided to remove those marks too.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

A friend of mine who is a fellow NB owner was giving me a hand with the masking tape.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle

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Today I had some time to do some touches on my center console.

Car Gear shift Motor vehicle Steering wheel Automotive design

When I bought my MX the interior was pretty standard.

Vehicle Steering wheel Automotive tire Audio equipment Gear shift

Shortly after I started to give my little japanese a personal note.

Car Vehicle Gear shift White Steering part

A few days ago my friends and I installed the new radio. The gauges are not connected yet.

Gear shift Motor vehicle Steering wheel Vehicle Steering part

Today my center console delete kit arrived.

Sadly the Jass Performance shift boot we installed last year didn't hold as well as promised.
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I go through shift boots like candy for whatever reason. They don't last very long. I also don't have the leather cover on mine, and I wonder if that has something to do with it. I use OEM Mazda boots.

Maybe I'm putting stress on the rubber pleats accidentally. I'm not sure.
On the website they claimed it would fix the problem for good. But it now looks like the one I was replacing.

I'll look into finding a better one. Along with doing some carpet work to make it a little bit prettier.
But for now I have to drive with the music up to the max because it's very loud through the hole.


I have spoken with somebody from the shop ( Top Miata ) I bought the boot.
They have reached out to Jass Performance and will send a replacement.
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