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Mazda sponsored a new event, it was called

In the past I have been to zoom zoom live, and rev it up, and while they were great fun, they always had so many people there that it was a bit maddening at times. I was a little reluctant to go to this new venue for the same reasons.

Originally it was set up that you would get 2- 20 minute track sessions at the South track.

But for the small entry fee of 40 bucks, I loaded the SM in the trailer behind the Motor home and headed down.

Instead of the expected 200 plus entrants, only 70 showed up for Saturdays event, Management made some quick decisions and decided to give us all 80 minutes of track time rather than the 40.. horly carp 80 minutes of track time at a fantastic track, for 40 schmackers. This also included a catered lunch, an autocross track set up with their vehicles (Mx5, rx8 (shinkai?) the new 7 thing, and a Mazda 5, all available all day long, to run as many and as often as you liked.

They split the drivers into 4 groups according to experience levels, and I was in the Blue group, or the ?fastest?

Also in the deal for 40 was a chance to win a 2 year lease on a mx5. Hmmm 1 in 70 chance, how much better can it get? You ask?

Well, let me tell you, Mazda enlisted the help of a professional drivers school and the instructors were available anytime you wanted one in your own car, and were required when in one of Mazda's cars. I had an instructor in the mx5 I took out, and in the mazdaspeed 6 (in the rain) and they were GREAT help! The laps with the 6 were by far the best for my new racing experience. Track time in some one else?s vehicle in the rain, with an instructor. BRILLIANT!

This turned out to be such a sweet deal, that I cancelled my wheel to wheel race on Sunday and stayed for a second day! 40 bucks for 80 minutes of track time, with all the other above perks/ versus 180 for a 30 minute w2w race plus practice and qualifying.. Seemed like a no brainer to me.

One of the original design team from California "Mark Jordan? was on hand to give a power point presentation on the miata, then, and now, and how they evolved it from the "lightweight roadster" to the miata, to the mx5

I?m not sure if this event will be ran again, or anywhere else, and selfishly, I would keep it secret, but, I would rather share. Do your self a favor and check it out if it comes again, or any where else.
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