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Apparently, the bolts that hold my cat back system to the cat have gone missing, resulting in a sound that could kill small birds at WOT. I like it, I do. But, I need to get some of those bolts to put it back on.

We tried getting a video of this, but the camera we had wouldn't take sound. When the turbo spools down, my car whistles. It's most exciting.

Should I go to mazda, or a muffler shop to get the missing bolts? And is it a simple, screw it in type procedure, or is there more involved.

It's a jackson racing catback system.

thanks in advance.

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It's just a bolt, a lock washer, and a nut. Any hardware store or muffler shop can help you out. I used stainless steel hardware on my exhaust system and coated the threads with anti-seize. Don't forget to order a new gasket since yours probably fell out when you lost all your bolts.
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