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custom made intake for my nb. this cost me a few bucks to make and there was a noticable change

parts used
-aem intake elbow civic that i once had FREE
-filter crankcase breather 11.00
-air filter from my silvia FREEE
-rubber plumbing connectors x 2 2.99ea
-band clamps FREE (came with the connectors)
-electrical tape FREE
-brackets .20
-can of gray primer spray paint

tools i used
-angle grinder
-diagonal cutters
-8mm, 10mm, and 12mm sockets and ratchet

end results: ultra clean look, loss of lower end tq but gains in mid and upper, throttle response much smoother and nice change in engine sound, no change in gas suprisingly eventhough i have a lead foot. I will be taking this to the dyno soon and I will sell the kit.


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pretty awesome dude. Go NB's with coldside intakes :p I have a similar setup i did a couple years ago.

Just got a 45 degree silicone elbow and a generic filter and breather.
Yep, I too felt loss in low end torque because of no crossover tube and a kick above 3k rpm. I just take the headlight out when i track. Sounds pretty crazy also. Many people ask if i have an exhaust but i'm all stock.

Ignore the upside down turbo, i was test fitting. Sorry for late post.
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