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So here is my recap from the Lime Rock Wells Fargo AxIS 2014 Championship:

DSC_8817 by Maximus5891, on Flickr

DSC_9095 by Maximus5891, on Flickr

Here is the in car footage of the first morning practice session. The outside temps were very cold in the 30' F range. I hadn't put the Hoosier's on at this point, so this session was run on my 215 square setup Kuhmo XS tires. During this video I was having a little battle with my friend Ryan King in his Turbo Toyota MR-S. When I put some pace on him after the 3 minute mark, I decided to have some fun and hoon the car around a bit. The new alignment works really well for being able to balance driving for grip or hanging the tail out. The car makes 172 whp naturally aspirated and has a 4.77 final drive.

Here are my timed runs for the 2014 Lime Rock Wells Fargo AxIS championship shootout. I had qualified for the championship with the fastest time of the year and overall short course lap record with my 1999 Mazda Miata. I finished 2nd in the shootout shot of just .199 seconds to a Honda powered 2012 Formula Ford.

A couple key notes:

- Temps were in the low 30' F range.
- They made a last minute call to run the short course for the timed portion making this a borderline mini Nascar oval. The addition of the top track makes the course a lot more technical and fun. This call was a disappointment to say the least.
- They ran the timed order slowest to fastest so I got stuck going dead last after there was no sun left on the track and outside temps had gone down.

Overall I am thrilled with the performance of my true street car Miata. This is a car I have been building and developing myself from scratch since 2006. I ran this car in the competition just as I run it on the street with a full interior and a hardtop on, with the exception of a tire change for the timed portion. I built this car with balance and driver engagement/enjoyment as the number one focus, but yet having it still be a capable performance car. At the end of the day I think it achieved that and then some. Being defeated by only .199 seconds by a single seat Formula Ford race car that weighs a good 1200 lbs less, has much more mechanical grip, and a better power to weight ratio is a true testament to the performance capabilities of my Miata. I will most likely campaign it again next year unless they do not change the rules to only allow VIN number cars. If that's the case I will just pick up a used 125cc shifter kart and show them how flawed that rule really is ;)

Thanks again to Wells Fargo and Spectro Oils for hosting the event. Kudos to Dean Cusano, Eric LaCore, and Ryan King for a great battle with real self built VIN number cars! Also thank you David McCaughan for the outside video footage.

*** Hot Laps start at 3m 26s**

If you want to hear an in-depth review of the day and me crap on about being ricer, here is the GQM Garage episode about the championship:

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