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bad mother f......
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Here is how I feel about it:

I think it drives great! Super smooth engine, powerful, the butt is easily controlled in a slide which I like.

If I never had to get out of the car, I'd buy it, but unfortunately I have to get out and look at the car every now and then, and it looks stupid as hell. It will be even goofier looking with decent sized wheels, oh, and did I mention fender gap?

Mazda can keep it. Its too damn ugly. The 99 sport was a great NB, Mazdaspeed was Almost there, and the 02+ with appearance pkg is drop dead beautiful, but Mazda has not had the miata truly "right" since the NA...

..which is why I bought the nicest, newest NA I could find, and will continue to drive the wheels off of it untill there is better roadster for me (and the NA is hard to beat!)

I finally got the rant off my chest that would have me crucified at anyway All IMO..
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