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I picked up this 96 Miata off of CL for $1500 cash. I really didn't want it but it was the best deal I've seen on CL locally in 6 months. It needed work but it's fully functional and has no frame rust. I originally wanted a 90-95 OBD1 miata, but I decided $1500 for no frame rust and a 1.8 was a good deal even though it was OBD2.

This is now my 2nd Miata, I currently have 06 Miata that I'm trying to sell. My story goes; I had a good full time job, bought my 06 miata, dumped tons of money into parts for the 06 Miata, got deathly sick, got fired, cant afford the payment and the rest of my debt while unemployment, got better going to a chiropractor, can't find a job for the life of me, bought the 96 Miata so I have a car when I sell my 06. Even though I'm a bum living off of unemployment, because it pays more than a 2 part time job will, I plan on drifting the Miata by summer. Hopefully I'll find a good full time job by then.

The bad of the car is a lot of rear sub frame/ arms are covered in surface rust, some rocker rust, rusty driver fender, broken bumper, slightly pushed in radiator support, broken/ fogged rear window, wipers stop in the middle, my wiper fluid doesn't spray, and the car jerks at low rpms under 40mph. The rust can easily be repaired or parts can be replaced. I already picked up a driver side fender. I have a friend who can sandblast the rear and can fix the rocker rust, I just have to pick up the repair panels. My main issue is the jerking, I was told when I bought the car that it was the crank position sensor, but someone told me if it was that it would throw a code. I'm hoping fixing the car costs me under $500.

I'm planning on putting in a diff when I redo the rear end. I can't decide between a Tomei 2way diff or the KAAZ 1.5 diff, other than the KAAZ being $200 more. I want some nice Stance or BC coilovers, but I think I may end up with something a lot cheaper for the next year or so. I'm planning on drifting on a tight budget and there will be nothing fancy on the car unless I magically come up with the cash.

Here is what she looks like:

The rear sub frame rust:

Rocker rust:

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