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djsqiigles said:
yeah those 13's are super hot. Have have pictures of them on a car?

don't worry this addiction aint so bad.
No pics on a car yet (need tires: I'm thinking A032R's to handle rain, or for lapping days), but a friend used to have a set on his car:

This was before his coilovers - with autox levels of camber, they tuck under the fenders quite nicely.

The addiction isn't finished yet - I'm still lusting after a set of 3 piece Panasports, Watanabes, or Equip 03's for cruising around. Then I'm done.

(Suuure! :D )

freedomgli said:
Nice. Now you can use the Enkei wheels for HPDEs and the Lenso wheels for auto-x.
I'm planning on running my RPF1's with Kumho MX's for track days, unless I mount Yoko's on the Lensos. Not sure how well the 710's will hold up to lapping, though it'd be a ton of fun!

Thanks for the kudos!


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