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feel free to write your own poems about me being very sick at work today but not going home like a champion.

being sick at work is worse
than driving your own hearse
people think youre the walking dead
just tell them to get out of your head
i hope my boss doesn't make me do anything
or i might hit him in the head with a boomerang
oceans suck and so do flowers
give me back my super powers

-Sick Chris

Being sick is no fun
being sick you wish you had a gun
to kill the germs today
tell them you dont give a hay
i feel so cold and so warm
youd think there might be a swarm
of mosquitos biting your face
and making you look like a big disgrace
i want to throw up
maybe inside of a cup
my body aches and my head pounds
sooner or later ill hit the ground

-Sick Chris

Spring is almost here
its time to yell and cheer
butterflies flying in the wind
just around the bend
birds chirp and derp
flowers derp the herp

-Sick Chris

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Hello My name is Chris
I heard your your sick
I think your acting like a sis
I wish i could write this with My bic

I just got off work
And I read this crap
someone should stick u with a fork
your such a sap

hope u feel better
cause ime goin to bed
i aint ganna wright u a letter
thats all i could of said

Love always
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