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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have a dig bick

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Phrenetik made me a sticker that said hakuna miata- what a wonderful phrase
Then PhillyB sent me one that said he hated me, and I went into a daze
But I think deep down he loves us no matter what anyone says
Except when a guy makes a thread on CR saying Miatas are for lesbians and gays
Then all of us e-rape the guy, no flame suits, just blaze
and then we go back to talking about our replicas of CCW's and RAYS

In the end CR is like a family that loves (and in phillyb's case, hates)
And a bunch of yall would help one another for some beer in some crates
and on the internet your post count is equivalent to how buff you are; bro do you even lift weights?
Rest in peace, tapatalk, the autoguide owner wants to steal our money and become Bill Gates.

So this poem, even in its conclusion, is more of a welcome, no doubt
Winlowe knows what welcoming is all about
So as I bid farewell, and turn in for the night
I shall thank all of yall for making the community so bright.

Cept the people who forced autoguide app on us. **** yall
21 - 40 of 40 Posts
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