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Glad you enjoyed your raceday experience. Its all good, no matter the format or where in the world it is. A Petrolhead is a petrolhead is a petrolhead. Some aren't, I guess.
sadly enough, MANY aren't true petrolhead's...

i happen to enjoy japanese, american, italian, british, german, cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, coupe's, convertable's, boats(petrol powered of course), classics, modern, air cooled, water cooled, fast and fun, slow and comfortable, car shows, off roading, superbike racing, f1 racing, drag racing, drifting, nascar racing, rally racing, spectating, participating, etc etc etc.

and then i know some guys who:

only like american cars and drag racing. or even more specific, only fords and drag racing, or only chevys and drag racing. nothing more nothing less.

or just japanese cars and drifting, etc.

imagine how boring life would be as a close minded petrolhead...

i honestly just feel sorry for them :(
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