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My Roadster.

Short Story:

May 15th 2012 I finally got a Miata, which I had wanted for a several years. It's a bone stock 92, driven by the same woman since 94. Red with a black top, no options except alloys, manual transmission.

Concept/ Idea
Simple, lightweight, only what's needed in a street car that will see spirited driving and hopefully an occasional track day, without being as harsh as a race car. Full interior carpet and dash, but manual everything, no sound system. Mechanically uncomplicated, keep it a 4 cylinder, thought about forced induction but that's not what this car is about. Cosmetically simple and clean.

What have I done so far? (Updated 2-8-13)
-New soft top
-Proper size alternator belt
-Thermostat, coolant switch, coolant sensor
-New Radiator
-Fresh Coolant
-New black leather OEM style shift boot
-stripped and painted wiper arms
-Synthetic Lucas gear lube in the transmission and rear differential
-spark plugs
-air filter
-Oem cupholder
-Cobalt cat back Exhaust (sold)
-Muffled test pipe (removed)
-Bosal OEM type catalytic converter
-Bosal OEM type 1 piece cat-back exhaust
-Made a custom Roadster radio delete panel
-"California" style mirrors (sold, but actually just bought them back)
-"Raydot" style mirrors (sold)

-Purchased used OEM side mirrors (for sale)
-Bosch H4 headlamp conversion
-Yellow headlight film (removed)
-New lower front ball joints
-New outer tie rod ends
-Megan EZ-Street Coilovers
-Rolled fenders front and rear
-STR 502 wheels 15x8 +10 (sold)
-Dunlop Direzza DZ 195/50 15 (sold)
-Drag black anodized Aluminum Lug nuts (sold)

-3.75" to pinchweld height and alignment with 0 toe, -3* front camber, -4* rear camber (will change)
-Purchased nice used tail lights, polished lenses
-R package front lip, plasti-dipped (sold)
-Corbeau Forza (awful seat, removed and sold)
-Aligned headlight doors
-Adjusted front bumper mounts
-R package rear lip, cut down (removed)
-Replaced wiper cowl trim with good used
-Throttle body idle control valve delete
-Removed Airbag wiring harness and all the sensors and control boxes.
-Removed all radio and antenna wiring
-Removed charcoal canister
-Removed washer bottle and squirters (probably going to reinstall this)
-Cleaned 20 years of gunk from interior
-Cleaned out blower motor/fan, installed new foam seal on top
-Static Nine Powdercoated black Frame Rails
-Hard Dog M1 Sport single diagonal roll bar
-Refinished 14" Daisy wheels in bright silver
-New 185/60 14 Sumitomo All Seasons
-Early NB 14" 5 spokes (for sale)
-Removed all body panels and windshield to repair any rust
-Sandblasted and repaired rust around windshield
-New Windshield
-Made patch panel and repaired rust right rear, in front of tire
-Closed antenna hole
-filled badge holes on rear finish panel, cracked the panel and repaired it
-filled screw holes in front bumper
-Re-fitted and adjusted doors, fenders, trunk, hood, bumpers
-Sprayed exterior and door jams in Summit "Flame Red", with 3 coats of clear
-Powdercoated rear hardtop bolts and mounts semi-gloss black
-Moss-Miata Steel tow hooks, had powdercoated semi-gloss black
-Cut and modified rear bumper, to make a "Shorty" bumper
-Painted door handles body color
-Sonic Motor VS3 FRP bucket seat
-Cut memory foam cushions for Sonic Motor Seat
-Small diamond stitch fabric covers for seat cushions (may ditch this for plain fabric)
-Cut stock floor mounts and fabricated steel mounts for Sonic Motor Seat
-Under carpet insulation for heat/ noise
-New door top trim
-shifter rebuild kit, including both rubber boots
-Custom Revlimiter Gauges
-New screw covers for wiper cowl trim
-MOMO Race steering wheel 320mm
-MOMO steering wheel hub
-NRG Gen 2.5 quick release
-roll bar padding
-roll bar padding cover
-R package replica lip painted body color
-Polish turn signal and bumper lenses
-Slightly longer exhaust tip
-Paint exhaust high temp black
-Perf leather door pulls/ straps

Parts I have but need to be fitted:
-Custom door card materials
-Front upper strut brace
-New control arm eccentric bolts

Future Plans and Dreams:
-New wheels, can't decide what yet something light (<14lbs), currently stuck on Konig 15x8 flat out in gold
-Tires for wheels, thinking 205/50 15 Dunlp Direzza
-Powder coat sub-frames
-Powder coat control arms
-Polyurethane Suspension bushings
-Larger Sway Bars, possibly just front
-Upgrade sway bar end links
-Stiffer engine mounts, mazda competition
-1.8L Engine Swap 99-00 for the solid lifter head
-Heavy Duty Valve Springs & shaved head?
-1.8L header
-Lightweight flywheel
-1.8 clutch disc and pressure plate
-Torsen Differential 4.10
-Stiffer differential bushings
-Autokonexion fiberglass ducktail trunk
-1.8 brake Caliper Brackets, rotors and pads
-Paint brake calipers
-Hard top for colder months
-individual throttle bodies
-Advan Oni or Super (now I'm really dreaming haha)
-rebuild one of the two transmissions I have
-new floor mats
-radiator upper cooling panel

As of feb 8, 2013:

miata_shortybumper_2 by justindgoodson, on Flickr

The night I drove it home

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First off the top was wrecked, the window had fallen in and there was several quarter sized holes. I purchased an eBay vinyl replacement, and set to work replacing it.

Here you can sort of see the worn top

Bye old top

Looking much better

After a week of driving around, the exhaust had developed from having a small leak to a quite loud leak. Looking under the car meinek did a splendid job of welding the cat to the rest of the rear exhaust. Ordered a Cobalt cat back and eBay test pipe, much better! Also replaced the v-belt, coolant switch, and air filter.

did away with the Cobalt exhaust tip, this is a little more subtle

I've done more, I'll add it later.

So let's see, trying to catch up here, replaced but don't have pictures for:

gear oil
leather shift boot

the left headlight was positioned oddly so i made a quick spacer and now it sits pretty nice and even

I mounted a Corbeau Forza, I didn't really like the way it turned out, so instead refined the foamectomy I had already done on the factory seat.

I purchased a set of eBay "r-package" lips, I sprayed them with plasti-dip and only got to install the front, looks like I'll need to pull the rear bumper cover to install the rear. I sort of like the way it looks with only the front lip though....

Rented a fender roller, and rolled my fenders this past thursday so that I'm prepared for my wheels and suspension set up!

So that brings me to today. I should be recieving my new mirrors, Megan EZ-Streets, wheels, hubcentric rings, and lug nuts all this coming week, should keep me busy :D

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Nice hair dryer. :fab: haha Lookin' awesome man can't wait to see whatcha do.
Yeah lol, I forgot the heat gun at work, luckily it was hot as hell outside that day, the hairdryer was an afterthough, but I didn't have any cracking problems anyway.

I don't understand, why do you need to pull the rear bumper cover to attach the lip?
The lip curls under a bit so it would be difficult to line it up and get a screw through, I probaly could do it without pulling the cover off, but I think it would end up with me swearing a lot and a really misaligned lip.

What didn't you like about the Forza?
I couldn't get is positioned the way I wanted, and didn't hold me correctly. I wrote a bit about it here:

thanks for all the replies :mrgreen:

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You probably can't tell, but I spent a fair amount of time cleaning 20 years of dirt out of my interior yesterday. It was wedged into cracks and creases everywhere. Feels so much better to me! Also you can see the new leather shift boot, and sort of see the Audi 12V plug in place of the cigarette lighter. Got some goodies in the mailbox yesterday. More parts are in the mail, hopefully next Saturday I'll get a really good work day in.

Some parts came in...


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Got some cool stuff yesterday.

My mirrors came in the post. They are "California style" and look really awesome, I need to modify the base a little bit so I can use the factory mounting holes. Pics will come of the modifications.

Also received my wheels from UPS, and picked up and mounted my tires. More on this later.

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I removed the base from the rest of the mirror and inspected it. The mounting holes need to be about 1/8" close together. I decided to make the rearward one slotted and then I'll repaint them when I'm done. I took to it with a carbide bit, rotary tool, and cobalt drill bit. After about 45 minutes I finished one side, turned out how I pictured it, can't wait to get the other one done, and the mirrors on!

Modified version vs. Out of the package

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How much were the mirrors? I have been doing a mirror project on my miata and i'm not a huge fan of how they've been turning out...

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that's rad

How much were the mirrors? I have been doing a mirror project on my miata and i'm not a huge fan of how they've been turning out...
$49 on eBay, I'm thinking of getting a second set I like the look of them so much, we'll see how they are to use! I just finished modifying the base and I'm in between coats of satin black paint.

Today I arrived at work and my friend had just finished fully buffing and sealing my crappy paint. It looks so much better now! I am still planning a respray over the winter (maybe slight color change), but for now it looks so much better.

look at the smooth reflection

Also I received my Megan EZ-Streets today, I chose them because it's a street car, and I didn't need something crazy stiff or expensive, as it will see only occasional track and maybe autocross use. I will install them on saturday with new ball joints and tie rod ends, along with my wheels.

These are the wheels, I haven't seen them on a single car yet, let alone a miata. 15x8, and I chose 195/50 15 Dunlop Direzza DZ101. Can anyone guess what wheels they are?


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Mounted the mirrors, I think they look pretty cool, much smaller than stock. I can't get them adjusted right though, may have to take the insides out and see what I can do. But they are on, and better than the busted stock mirrors I had before.


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hmmm... i do like those mirrors... Better than the mirrors I was trying out...

Thanks man, I was checking out your build, can't wait to see the vinyl wrap! I was originally looking at sport bike mirrors on eBay off CBR's and such, but I'm glad I went with these, I was able to get them adjusted better, took the insides apart, greased everything and put back together, now they work perfect!

Update: Installed my EZ-Streets and Wheels

Installed my Megan EZ-Streets and STR 502 wheels on friday night, along with new front ball joints and outer tie rod ends, took only 1 pic of the ball joints and ends, was trying to get it all done quickly in the heat, took about 2 hrs plus 1 hr of adjusting ride height/ travel. Went for an alignment Saturday morning and had to visit 3 different places before they could get me on a the rack. I had them adjust to 0 toe front and rear, and -3* camber front and -4* camber rear. Wheels specs: 15x8 +10 tires are 195/50 15 Dunlop Direzza, I'll just show pictures now.

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